Help please with PIP question

I have received my appt to see ATOS for PIP, it’s nearly 40 miles away from where I live on a Friday morning at 9 am, in a city I have never been too. My driving licence has been revoked so unable to drive, checked the bus and it’s going to take about 3 and half hours. Is this normal for ATOS to do? Is anybody aware of a maximum radius they can make you travel to these apps?

thanks for helping.

Hi Poppyseed I think you’d be best to contact ATOS, explain your situation, and get a more suitable time and place for your assessment. If they don’t accommodate this, contact your MP.

If you are not working due to your health then I would advise you not to go. What they are expecting of you is totally unreasonable.


Just thinking! why not contact citizens advice, they will be able to advise you on this. Then you can ring ATOS, when you have more info.

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I will call citizen advise, thanks for tip Blossom, before I call ATOS.

And thanks for replying


if you just don’t go then they will just cancel any DLA Award that you have and your PIP application will be ended.

You need a letter from your GP explaining your inability to travel that distance due to your illness.

you need to request they either provide a home visit or pay the taxi fare.

the GP is in the best position to explain the issues and follows the guidelines set down for PIP applications.

please just don’t turn up

take care



I phoned ATOS and there was no hesitation from them to change. The options I was given was two more centre’s. One even further and the other slightly closer but this had a better bus service. You are right I do have to attend to get the PIP or application would be cancelled. You only get to change once too. Time for me to read all the guidelines on benefit and works website. Thanks all for helping.

ATOS look to be making things unnecessarily difficult. I had my PIP assessment with Capita and it was carried out at my home and lasted about 2 hours. I don’t know why ATOS aren’t offering the same sort of service and DWP should be mandating some level of standards to build in at least a level of consistency. It just seems to me that ATOS are trying to make things as difficult as possible for claimants!


Dreading assessment, I listened to you Neil, I spoke to them about my vertigo and the are paying for me to go in a taxi, they where really good with this. Trying to organise a note taker so I do not miss anything too, with my hearing being so bad now. they are still looking into this.

Could you get a letter from your gp who will request a home visit? Check out fightback4justice on Facebook they can help and they have tips that can help you at assessment.

good luck x