Atos Assessment for PIP

Hello everyone, I am having my assessment this Wednesday in London. Could really do without the stress of travelling and will have to leave really early as it is at 9am. My husband is coming with me, I am so nervous because I filled the form in as accurately and honestly as possible. I gave them copies of consultant letters etc. What I would like to ask is if anyone has had a PIP assessment, I would be grateful if you could let me know what is was like so I can stop being so nervous! Thank you in advance Sam xx

Hope it goes in your favour. I’m papping myself when I’m called up on but I think it will be after October 2015 as my DLA is awarded indefinitely.

I’m looking forward to mine in a perverse sort of way, be interested to hear their argument to knock me back.

My point is, is that all you can do is be honest and rely on the professionals that have assessed you via letters etc. good luck.

I’ve done the telephone interview, then they called me and asked for a copy of my marriage certificate, they even sent me an envelope to send it in, then they called and asked if I’d sent it… So I guess they aren’t too snowed under as yet!

I’ve been given a leaflet by my MS nurse if I want help completing the paperwork so I’m dreading that mountain of paper!!!

Sonia x

Sam Like Mr Grumpy, I hope it goes in your favour, I wont get called up until Oct 2015 either, so trying not to worry until it gets a bit nearer the time, stressing about it now will only make things worse than they already are :frowning: good luck keeping everything crossed for you x Sonia I’m intrigued what on earth would they want with your marriage certificate? Sue x

Thank you all x I will report back when it’s all over, it may help others. This is my first time applying for help. Sam x

Hi Pat, They have just cancelled!! Less than 24 hours notice! I wouldn’t get away with that would I? There are no centres close to me and I really need someone with me and my husband goes back to work on the 19th and they don’t have any appointments in the near future. What are they playing at? I’ve tried to be open minded about Atos but I’m not impressed at all. I’ve got myself all worked up for nothing and I don’t know what I’m going to do now as my husband is a Lecturer and the first term is a no go for annual leave. Sam x

Oh Sam. That is awful.

Can’t you say you are too ill to travel and the stress would make you poorly. Or just explain that you can’t travel without help and your husband is a lecturer and can’t take time off at the start o term. They really shouldn’t be messing you around like this.

I had two work assessments by Atos and they did mine over the telephone as I was too poorly to travel to Sheffield from Bristol.

Shazzie xx

I have just about completed my first application for PIP - it needs to reach them by this Friday, so I have got to send it off to them. I just hope I have answered all the questions properly and, like you, I am dreading having to go for an assessment somewhere. I hope you hear from them soon.

Vicki x

Sent mine off 2 weeks ago back to them and they have no record of it. Give me strength.

There was some confusion over my NI number when I first called, I think they just needed to prove I was the same person - me being able to tell them my maiden name was clearly not good enough lol

Sonia x

I agree Pat. What would they do if you had no way of getting there to see them as you couldn’t travel safely. They would arrange a home visit or telephone consultation. I bet you.

Give it a go Sam.

Shazzie xx

get a letter from your gp or ms nurse to verify that you cant travel that distance, and have them come to see you.