pip assesment

Hi everyone from scotland.

I returned my pip form with help from CAB on 10th of April last week I got my pip assessment appointment which is very quick.

The appointment is with atos on 4th of may in Glasgow feeling very nervous and scared I just wondered if anyone can give me any help with what kind of questions they will ask me.

Any help would be very much appreciated .


One of the things to be aware of at your assessment is that assumptions will be made based on your answers to seemingly innocent questions. For example if you say that you came by bus it will indicate that you could walk from the bus stop (they will know how far it is) stand to wait for the bus etc etc. it is important to be aware of this and to qualify everything with any difficulties that you might have faced. Do not leave anything to chance, expecting the assessors to give you the benefit of the doubt because they won’t, you need to explain fully if something is difficult, painful or if you could do it once but not repeat it.

They will discuss with you the main areas of the form, getting about, bathing, toileting, dressing, cooking etc. it is a good idea to have these area roughed out in Your head so that you are ready to explain/describe the challenges that you face.

Try not to worry too much although I know that it is daunting. I have been claiming DLA for many years but was last assessed in the late 90s so I’m not looking forward to a PIP assessment when my time comes. I am going to try to approach it with confidence because I KNOW that I meet the criteria. If the assessor says differently I will appeal. The assessor is not the final gatekeeper and I am not prepared to be judged by them and found wanting.


Hi, I had my PIP assessment on the 26th March, 7 months wait. I advise you discuss your very worse days. I was asked what I did for a job, I’m a chef, next question, could I prepare a nutritious meal. Interviewer found this comical, and said so you can, I replied I can, but if I am having a relapse I wouldn’t be able to or have the appetite. Luckily (ironic) I had a relapse two weeks previous, so told her I had spent three days on the sofa, my bathroom being downstairs, and all I had eaten was a chunk of cheese and a packet of cheddars. I was asked when I do a weekly shop, I don’t I just gets bits that I need. The supermarket is 50 yards from home. They asked the size of the supermarket I use, it’s a express, if I can get home without sitting down, I can’t. The assessor had come into reception before I was called not sure if it was to check me out, also asked if I would like the stairs or the lift, lift obviously. I told her I tend to live in pjs as it is easier, she said you wear a uniform for work, pull on trousers and a t-shirt essentially the same in my opinion and easy to remove as can struggle to get to the toilet in time, sorry if TMI, but you have to bare you soul. Had a series of tests at the end, moving arms, rotating ankles, pushing against her hands. Also was asked to spell World backwards. My claim was accepted and backdated and report said all I had said was backed up by my medical records. I was taken to my appointment by my Dad, there was no way I could have driven that day. I told her I only go on journeys I know, but not often as I never know how I would feel, an 8 mile drive wares me out. I was awarded standard daily living allowance but not mobility even though I am on a three year medical drivers licence. Hope this helps and sorry if I have gone on.

Good luck


Hi Annie. I had my assessment in The Salus building Argyle St Glasgow. Is this same one your going to? If it is, It is designed to make you fail before you start. First of all I had to get off taxi round corner. As was taxi could no do left turn to park outside. Then the side and front of building is all glass, so they checking everyone out as they come in to the building. I was hanging off my partners arm and using stick. She could see I was having trouble walking. Was a staff nurse who did my assessment. I had the furthest corridor to walk to get to the room. My partner walked with me. He was then called back to come collect me. Nurse commented that she could see my balance was off, she never even asked me to do physical examination, she said she could see I was not fit to do. She asked how I got there. And where I got off taxi. Then when it came to asking me how far I can walk. I told them I cant walk length of myself. She said but you walked round corner. And you walked along corridor. I said yes but holding on to my partners arm and using stick. I was still struggling. I was also give cognitive memory test which I passed. I have never made issue out of memory always been my balance. Got my decision through. I was awarded care, but lost my mobility award. Said as I passed memory test I could then plan and follow a journey. Everything that is in their report was not account of how my disability affects me or of the events that happened on that day. I have sent letter in to have reconsideration. Still waiting to here. What I would say is get taxi. Tell taxi driver he will have to go round long way so he can stop outside. Make sure you take someone with you. Hold on to them. Take sticks if you have them.Get them to walk to room with you. Make it look like you are struggling. Take few steps and stop if you have to. If asked if you want to do lift or stairs. Tell them you need to take lift. I would also make it look like you are struggling to do memory test. If I were to do assessment again I would lie and make look like everything is a struggle. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.