Really worried PIP home assessment.


hope all are as well as can be?

I am in the process of DLA to PIP transfer and have just received appointment for home visit from Atos in about 3 weeks time.

I would like my husband to be in the room with me, but apart from MS and CFS I have Post traumatic stress disorder and cannot remember how much I have told my husband about the sexual and physical abuse I was subjected to which is part of the cause of this PTSD.

I don’t know if it would be mentioned or not, but I don’t know what to do?



Mmm, well do you think it will be necessary to air stuff, if you`re not comfortable talking about it?

PIP is more about mobility and personal care, plus a few other bits. It doesnt go into stuff that your PTSD involves, I dont think. You`ll be getting more useful advice soon, I reckon.

Have a look at the PIP self test questions, to refresh your mind.

Good luck chuck!


Sorry it is 11 days time not 3 weeks.

Thanks Poll I hope you are right, but I have heard that they have been known to ask things like “have you ever considered taking your own life” ? So surely they get to this by asking other things to do with mental illness?

Hi Jaycie, the assessor is more concerned with how your disabilities affect your ability to carry out everyday living tasks, interaction with others, mobility issues etc. They will not ask such personal details as to the sensitive information about your PTSD. They will ask if you are/have received appropriate treatment for it, if you have put it in your form. They will want to know how it affects you, eg, can you interact with others confidently because of it. They will observe you, ask questions about any difficulties you have looking after yourself, cooking, bathing, walking, how far you can walk, pain issues with doing these tasks etc,in regard to all your illnesses. If you feel uncomfortable with anything they ask about it, tell them your not happy to answer in relation to this matter, do not feel you have to divulge anything in regard to the reasons for PTSD. A lot of the assessors are not medically trained, therefore they are in no position to request information about highly confidential & personal information.

I was asked if I was suicidal, my medical notes stated I had been admitted to A&E through taking an overdose of Methotrexate, it was accidental (thought they were folic acid, they all look the same), I answered no it was an accident & that was that, no more questions were asked on the matter. If they do touch on the subject, tell them you do not wish to speak about it, tell them the treatment you are having (if you are/have done) how it impacts on you, that’s it.

Remember, they want to know how your disability affects you, it’s not enough to be dx with an illness, it’s how much help you need, what you can & cannot do, repeatedly & safely & how long it would take to carry out the tasks. Remember to tell them if you experience pain, breathlessness, discomfort, how you may struggle & who will do it for you, how much support you need & have. I am hoping you have sent plenty of evidence to support your claim, I photocopied all info again & had it with me when the assessor came, just incase. I actually met her on my own, my husband had to go urgently to his mum who had fallen. I was awarded enhanced for both elements.

Hope all goes well & I have helped a little bit!! Good luck, please let me know how you get on Tracey x

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Thank you Tracey, you have been a big help and I am so pleased that your outcome was good.


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Just remember Jaycie, don’t answer anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, admit you have had treatment, but you don’t want to talk about it, try not to worry, easy said I know, but I brought a bloody big relapse on myself through the stress. Take care. Tracey xx

This is a mobility and social care needs analysis:

How much NHS paperwork did you supply?

Care plan, GP’s letter on mobility, social and psychological care needs??

All good evidence. If you don’t have any - get some and hand it over during the appointment.

It might be worth talking this over with your GP and getting your concerns in letter form.

My GP’s letter of support for PIP covered all PIP questions/issues and cost £13 but was worth it.


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Thank you Fay for your reply. I sent in letters from Neuro, MS nurse, councillor and GP. xx

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Just checking.

I wouldn’t worry then.

Have hubby help you physically, and prompt you verbally.

Stick to what’s already written down, and confirm what your doctors say.

It should be enough.


You have received a lot of good advice. I would suggest you look at the following Benefits and Work website:

There is a lot of help here about the PIP criteria and a PIP test you can use to assess yourself.

I hope you get the result you are looking for. The transfer from DLA to PIP has been in the news a lot at various times and I can fully understand your anxieties.


Thank you Alun for your reply.

I have been a member of the Benefits and Work website for several years, but I find it difficult to read and take in information nowadays.


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