Pip assessment adice

Hi, I’m new on here, just looking for a bit of advice. I have just received my appointment for my pip assessment and after reading so many horror stories I’m really, really worried. I just don’t know what to expect. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

I think it really depends on who you get - I was speaking to a young man who said the lady he got was very nice and understanding - just expain your MS on your worse days and how it affects you and see how it goes

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Hi Jadica

If you join (you may have already done so), there is advice for the face to face assessment.

Remember when they ask questions, you shouldn’t feel that you have to say the best you can do. Explain what a bad day is like as well as an average day. And then tell the assessor how many bad days you get. Or maybe everyday is a bad day!!

Get someone you trust and who knows you well to come with you / sit in with you, they can remind you of things you are bound to forget.

The rule is always to keep in mind ‘safely, reliably and repeatedly’. So maybe you can walk 50 metres, but then need a good long sit down before walking again. Or perhaps you can walk that far, but don’t because you might fall.

Remember all the aids and adaptations you use. If the appointment is at an assessment centre, take photos with you of eg, your bathroom, if you have grab rails / bars or a bath bench or a shower chair.

Keep in mind the points that you think you should score for each part of the assessment. If you’re not sure what these are, have a look at You need 8 points for each of the PIP components (Daily Living and Mobility) for the standard rate and 12 points for each component for the enhanced rate. You get the points for the highest Descriptor you fit into for each Activity.

If you have further written evidence now that you didn’t have when you submitted your claim, or you forgot to include, take photocopies with you.

Try not to get panicked by it or too stressed, take your time when answering a question. And if you find halfway through the assessment that your brain has turned to mush due to fatigue (maybe because of mental strain or the journey to the assessment centre), say so.

There are probably way more tips than these. Other people will have more to add I’m sure.

Best of luck with it.


I was so scared because of all the horror stories too.

i went with my care worker and she pushed me in my wheelchair.

My assessor was lovely he put me at my ease straight away. said i wouldn’t be there long as he had great stuff from my gp and neuro which backed up my form. he was lovely and i wasn’t in there long. i got enhanced in both.

Just be yourself.

Now my daughter went and she said she must have had the same guy as he was nice to her she doesnt have MS but other issues, and had no problems, and neither did her friend.

forget the horror stories, just chill out and just take your queue from the assessor.

Thanks for you’re replies. I’m just so stressed atm. I also worry that I’ll not be able to explain things properly as my speech is not great.

take someone with you and have them explain that your speech isn’t too good.

take photos of any aids you have in your house, such as grab rails.

have you sought advice from CAB, welfare rights or similar?

they will look through your application and work out where you may have gained or lost points.

look at this face to face as an opportunity to word things better, adding in any pointers gained from your advisor.

they might feel ike the gestapo but they aren’t really.

get out there and fight and win!!

Great post

I hate to say it, but having difficulty expressing yourself will probably help. Here is the PIP scoring system, go through it with someone who knows you well. PIP points system

Good luck.

PS I also had a very understanding assessor and if going for mobility, make sure you get door to door travel, certainly under 20 meters.