what to expect at pip assesment

Hi i’m Hellbender12 wife Sue, and he has his PIP assesment on 19th Sept. Those of you who know Paul will know he has ppms, and i was wondering if anyone else has had an assesment from pip could you please tell us what to expect.

Its all very daunting

Sue x

I’m not dx yet but it’s about how condition affects you best advice I can give don’t tell them about good days even if you have them.

also pip assessment takes about an hour when I need another I’ll have them come to house as my mobility is bad.

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Alyssa is right it’s not about what you can do on a good day (what is a good day) it’s about you coping with stuff.

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Ditto what the others said. Haven’t had a PIP assessment yet, but I’m assuming it’ll be similar to the old Disability Living Allowance assessment. Don’t put on a brave face and tell them what you think you can manage. a) you probably can’t, or b) if you did you’d be wiped out for hours or days afterwards.

Be realistic and emphasise what you can’t do rather than what you think you might be able to do. And don’t be daunted, either of you. They are human. It’s a system they have to implement, but they’ll be on your side if you act naturally.

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Should have said- amongst other things, they’ll probably go through:



meals ( eating and preparing)

hygiene- bathing and washing


cognitive ability

I expect others can add to the list.

Good luck

Kev x

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Hello Sioux,

If you’ve filled the forms this might not be relevant:

Either way follow the advice and think of your worst days. I found the “how many times a week” questions awkward in my DLA assessment. I thought of how often I would trip or have an accident etc if I wasn’t so careful. It might help to make a note of how much time and who is involved in planning both routine and non-routine activities.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Sue, I had my face to face for pip 2weeks ago had to travel got lost was 15 mins late, I was led into a room where there was only a plastic armless chair in front of the assesors desk, so I sat on my rotator to the side of him. He didn’t tell me what his profession was, he went straight into questioning me on most of the areas that are covered in the pip application. Looking at his monitor and typing in my answers very little eye contact.

he asked Can you peel a potato, chop a potato can you prepare a cooked meal, do you need help to wash your hair, to dress, do you need help to eat. (cutting food was mine) what aids &adaptions do you use, help you get from others, do you still meet with friends has your social life suffered and reasons why. Where do you have pain. Can you manage correspondence & budgeting if not give examples.He wasn’t the friendliest of people. didn’t ask me about journeys guess cause I got lost trying to find the place I was in a terrible tiz when I arrived.

Lasted for 40minutes, no physical examination.

If I remember anything else i will let you know. Or feel free to ask if I haven’t covered everything.



A useful guide is contained in the CAB Adviceguide website. I hope this helps.


That’s a good link, Trike.

Also consider- where Pauline was asked ‘can you peel a potato?’ it’s not just, ‘yes, I can peel a potato’. It’s got to be ‘yes, I can get a potato from the vegetable rack, wash it, find the peeler, peel the potato and take away the peelngs to the compost’. Can you do all of that? If not, the answer is, ‘no, I can’t.’

Kev x