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Assessment for pip

All just a quick question has anyone ever had a PIP assessment? If so:
How did it go?
What did they ask?
What did they get u to do? My letter says they may get me to do things.

Thankyou Samantha x

every area seems to be different.

check out this test.

IT WILL give you an insight into what they are looking for.

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Crazy Chick answered with good link.
Most people who apply first time get an assessment.

I went to the assessment centre.
They watch you from the moment they meet you.

Take the form you filled in so you don’t forget anything. Can someone be with you? My friend backed me up with examples.
I went for mobility and living allowance.

Tell them what happens on your worst day. How do you cope in certain situations? How do you do thing differently?

Asked me to raise arms, grip their fingers, bend down to the floor. lean one way then other. All quite dangerous for me!

The report is ready quite quickly and you can request a copy by phoning up.

If you don’t get what you think you should - appeal. Lots of people get the awards after they appeal.

Hope it goes well, let us know.

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I’ve replied to a similar thread, having just been told I have been approved for basic + extended mobility (£60+£66 pw):

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On another point. PIP, stands for Personal Independance Payment.

How indpendant you are or dependant on help etc. I was lucky as originally i was on DLA. But when i went for my PIP assessment, a lady from aged UK helped fill in the form.

I arrived at the centre with my husband and care assistant with me i was brought out of our Kangoo in my wheelchair and was pushed into their waiting room. I went into the room with the assessor and he said YOU WONT BE HERE LONG, we have had very good supporting evidence from your neurologist and care assessment. I was out in 25 minutes.

@Sam87 EVIDENCE is the key, lots of it, when you saw OT last, letters from MS nurse, doctors who will SUPPORT your application. Its all very well saying I cant walk so far but you need someone who has seen this etc.

EVIDENCE my lord, is the key to a good assessment.

we even took photos of all my aids lol and described what i use them for.

Its all about how the disease affects your every day life. Not just your worse day. actually @Ssssue did a good article on this recently i am sure she did. x


Thankyou everyone

I have appealed and waiting to hear they said could be around 10 weeks so hoping 6 ish to go.

Now to look at my work and what I can now do as having m.s I have been told I have chron’s and iam currently in hospital with pneumonia.


Fingers crossed for you.
Keep an eye on your bank account. Payment is backdated to when you first phoned up. That was the first I knew about getting PIP.

Hope you get better soon and get back home.


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