PIP assessment - refused

…‘Unfortunately you don’t meet the criteria for Personal Independence Pay’ received the letter this morning.

Sorry to hear that gingerlil.

You can appeal if you wish to, citizens advice would help you with I think and the benefits at work website is good.


get an appeal in tout de suite.

most appeals win you know!

Oh no! Where you previously getting DLA? If so what things did you need help with?

Are you going to appeal?


well, I never got any help with anything, no DLA, have always payed my taxes and will certainly appeal. It is this stress I don’t need and also most likely will cause the next Ms attack!

I have heard that many are turned down for PIP but appeals can often turn this around. It’s worth appealing. xx

Oh gosh, that’s not good. Had my assessment on monday, I don’t hold much hope of getting it. Don’t know how i will survive without it. Won’t be able to pay bills and buy food, will only be able to afford one or the other. It is so stressful. I would appeal though xxx