PIP assessment?

I have just had my third PIP assessment as I wanted to try to receive the enhanced rate as I am on the standard rate at the moment.I had to have this over the phone. I found it to be very unsympathetic and was made to feel that I was lying. I would have preferred a face to face in my home, obviously we can’t at the moment. With this in mind I feel that the results of the claims should be positive as they are unable to see you.I have been very anxious this week before and after my assessment. I haven’t slept well and suffered a bout of IBS.Over the years I am declining and need more financial help. I work part time but struggling with that too. I am now worried my PIP will be reduced after that phone consultation.Has anyone else had this experience?

Hi Kimmy, I know how stressful PIP assessments are. I was on DLA for almost 20 years, with PPMS. I did have a f2f assessment in my home in 2019.

If you wish, you can ask for a copy of the assessor`s report, before the final outcome is dealt with.

I preferred not to do this, as it cant give you a definite idea of the result.

If the result isnt as you expect, you can do a mandatory appeal and if that fails you can go to tribunal.

All even more stressful I know, but this is how it goes. 75% of tribunals are turned around in favour of the claimant.

Good luck chuck.


Hi Bouds, thanks for your feedback. Yes I did go through a tribunal on my very 1st attempt years ago and failed. I said I’d never do that again !! But after a few years everyone around me kept on at me to try again. I was then successful. Soooo stressful!!I didn’t know though that you can read what’s been written before outcome, I will ask so Hank you. Kim x

Best way is to get in touch with a benefits resolution place,they help you fill the forms in for a fee but they are experts on disability law and know just how to word it.That makes all the difference.I am going to use them for my PIP review this time as i feel i should be getting higher PIP than i am, as i was on high rate DLA for ages, and i have got a lot worse this last few year.I was far too ill to fight the PIP award at the time,so i just let it go at the time,but this is what the DWP rely on,the people who can’t fight it.

Hi kookie, I also urge you to fight what is your’s. I know how stressful dealing with DWP is.

Good luck


Forgive my french, but their an absolute pain in the arse, they really are. they have no idea about our condition, I had a f2f at home in 2018, I was very nervous and my hubby was with me, I did end up getting high rate mobility and middle rate care, which I disagree with, the care 1, but I didn’t agru as I was scared they’d take the lot away, but I should have got it then and I most certainly should now, I’m next reviewed in Dec 2022, why, God knows, my MS and everyone elses is here to stay, I will argue the toss then. I did actually say to the assesser when ask if there was anything I’d like to say, that you come here for 2hrs and you think you know my life, you have no idea. So good luck love, I really hope it works out for you.

Jean x

To all of you battling with the utter cr@p that is the PIP system and regulations

I get why Kookie suggests using a ‘benefits resolution’ service. But it doesn’t seem right to have to pay for help with benefits. If you have the ££ and can access such a service, then I’m sure you’ll get the best resolution. However, I can’t help but wonder how a benefits resolution service can operate during Covid times! They’d be having to help you over the phone too!

I suggest you have a look at They have excellent guides to help you make the best claims you can, and/or appeal decisions. You have to be a member to access their guides, but it only costs £20 for a year. You can take a free test to see what you should qualify for. Otherwise, look at The CAB guides are also good, and free. They have a quick test to give yu an idea of what you should qualify for too.

A quick guide to the PIP Activities and Descriptors is here: If you read through the descriptors for each component (Daily Living and Mobility), to qualify for the standard rate for each you need at least 8 points and for the enhanced rates you need 12 points. For each descriptor you score points equivalent to the highest category you are calculated as being in.

When you complete a claim form, you need to explain exactly how each activity affects you, bearing in mind the need to do each thing more than once - the key is ‘safely, to an acceptable standard, repeatedly, in a reasonable time and how your condition varies’.

You also need evidence to support your claim, this can be letters written specifically for the claim (eg from your MS nurse or physiotherapist) or copy letters sent from consultants (neurologist, urologist, whoever you see in relation to your health). You can also include letters from carers, even people who aren’t paid to care for you. You can also include photographs of for example aids and adaptations. I took photos of my bathroom in particular showing shower chair, grab bars, bars round the loo etc. In my bedroom the photos showed bed rail and standing frame.

You should make sure you cross reference everything, number extra pages used, take photocopies of everything, and proof read the claim thoroughly to make sure you’ve covered every Activity. (So write it out roughly first before attacking the claim form!) If you have problems with hand writing, you can type the information, just make sure you keep telling the assessor why you are typing.

This last bit of advice goes for the whole form - pretend the questions are reasonable and the rules appropriate. Act (ie write) as if you and the benefits assessor are on the same side and that you just need to explain exactly how your condition affects you in order that together you can reach the correct decision!

If you fail to qualify for the rate(s) you believe you should have, asking for 1) Mandatory Reconsideration (you have to do this first) and 2) Appeal is sensible. I know it’s hard to make yourself, but if you should qualify for the money, then get what you deserve. After notification of a decision you only have one calendar month to request reconsideration and/or appeal. So keep within their time limits.

Best of luck.


Hi to all who replied to my comment about pip assessment. Sorry for late reply.By the sounds of it, think I’m gonna be appealing. I have asked for a copy of the report, but can’t contest it until they tell me if successful or not. I keep thinking of things I should have said but because I had given a lot of detail on the forms , did copies so re-read. I just thought I’ve given everything already. It was like she was seeing if I’d give the same answer. I know I’ve done this process a few times now but I was so anxious that day, I kind of blew it, as you all can relate to we have good and bad days. This was a bad day! They are supposed to be medical professionals but they don’t understand anything about MS.Thank you for all advice with website addresses. It’s so nice to talk to people who are on the same page! Kimxx

Good luck if you appeal.When i did my PIP transfer i had more than enough evidence,i sent photos of all my aids and lots of letters a carers assessments from SS the lot, i used the guide from benefits and works too, but it did not make any difference at all the assessor’s mission that day was to get her bonus by getting me off my high rate DLA.Atos and Capita need getting shut of its disgusting the way they intimidate the disabled.The one that assessed me as had a lot of complaints about lying.Her name was mentioned as a warning on one of the forums.

HI Kimmy,

PIP assessment is another hurdle that we have, with our MS legs, have to get over!

Sue has given great advice.

I got my first award in Jan 2017 for 3 years. I typed the answers due to difficulty writing. Also let me add information in as I thought of it.

Yes, lots of supporting evidence.

My review was supposed to be in March but has been extended to December 2021.I started collecting evidence in January so I was ready, lots of photos and letters.

Write down the extra things you remember.

Good luck with appeal, you have everyone on this site behind you. Let us know how it goes.

Take care.


Kimmy try to worry , everyone gives very good advice. Sue the one with the duck photo, gives brilliant advice, even I’m taking notes from here about taking photos of the disability aids .

Manditory reconsideration worked for me . I just had to bavk it up with letters of confirmation from my gp.

Hope it goes well. Please let us know how you are .