PIP Assessment tips?

For those that don’t know, I’m half in limboland with an FND diagnosis which includes CFS and have been referred back to a neurologist, so I still have a question mark against MS.

I applied for Personal Independence Payment back in April and have recently had a letter saying that an assessor will be visiting me next week. In fact, I’m sitting here waiting for them to 'phone me (they tried last night but I was putting my littl’un to bed).

So, does anyone have any tips? I’d like to provide as much information as I can.

I applied in the summer and I am still waiting to hear what’s to happen next. Have you already joined

they have louds of guides to read and help.

good luck and I hope it goes well


urgh! PIP process is a trial to be honest. I am not sure what is the best advice really. But don’t be stoic and look on the brightside when you are being assessed!

I had my assessment and when I finally got the no decision and their reasons I was enraged, 3 and half page letter went back with my response. ASked for it to be relooked at, that was 13 weeks ago and still no further contact.

So from experience they chose to jump on anything that implied I could manage, apparently being able to prepare tea and toast was sufficient nutritionally, fact I walked at half normal speed was fine as I didn’t look in discomfort, so be aware they are looking at everything you do and how you do it.

The benefits and work people are supposed to be really helpful


I had mine in January nurse was great, she put I was going to be like that for at least 9 months but dwp still didn’t award me, I can’t walk much at the moment assessment wasn’t bad, but treat it as it’s always your worse day, if they see you have a good day once a week that will go against you.

a nurse did mine but I had no dx at the time and a gp that wasn’t supportive so it was tough for me, I got standard rate for both on a reconsideration thanks to the nice nurse it’s tough when you have no evidence to back up your illness hopefully you have evidence to help you, don’t be alone when you have it.

Good luck:)

Agree with Alysea, have someone with you. And about the bad days, they should assess that if they are over 50% of the week. Not sure they do though unless you make it really clear. Get supporting evidence as much as you can. For example the only meds I take are tramadol, after lengthy discussions with Pain Consultant he agreed on my use of them, advised try and keep dose as low as I can, have nights off when I can etc. ( I usually only take in the evening as can’t work / drive whilst on them) This came back on my assessment as me not being compliant in taking medication and that if I was I would be able to do all of the markers on the assessment. I hadn’t got supportive evidence from Pain Clinic to prove otherwise.

the chap that did mine was really nice and kind and not saying they try and catch you out, but give as much info as possible, with supportive evidence from medical professionals. The more you can do so they can’t draw their own conclusions the better :slight_smile:

I went to an MS information evening about this last week and the advice was DO NOT only tell them about your worst days as that is being dishonest and if they catch you walking when you have said that based on your worst day you cannot walk then they will disbelieve your whole claim. Tell them what your MS is like for the majority of the time and use the extra boxes to tell them that you have good days and bad days and how many days a week are good and how many are bad. They are trying to build up a complete picture (some might call that trying to catch you out!) so beware of innocent sounding questions.

We were advised that if you attend an assessment centre for example they will ask how you got there. If you say you caught the bus they will assume that means you have no problems using public transport unless you elaborate. So list exactly HOW you caught the bus. How difficult it is to stand around waiting, how you have to ask people to give up a seat near the front, how you can’t walk down the aisle when the bus is moving because of poor balance etc. How you don’t like buses for all these reasons but had no choice today.

If there is an info evening near you soon, do go along. It was really worth going and made me much less fearful about the whole process.

Tracey x

i agree 100% with Tracey comments. Explain your good & bad days and go in depth in all the issues you experience.


Thankyou all! Well, someone is coming to my home in four days and I’ve written out my list of symptoms for them and the neurologist I’m seeing at the end of next month. I’ve got some useful info from the ME Association (as CFS is one of my symptoms). One of those is a % Disabled scale. I can’t just tick one box so I put how often it was mild/moderate or bordering on severe.

I won’t have anyone with me. Hubby will be at work. I’m as ready as I can be…and low on energy today so forgot what else I was going to say. Wish me luck!

Best of luck

Jan x

Wishing you the very best of luck - you deserve the help and I hope that you get it without hassle.

Thankyou Janhhh and Tinga! I’m open to receive all the help that I need :slight_smile:

I’ve had my letter from the DWP and I’m very dissappointed. They awarded me two points for having to be careful and use the handles on my bath but nothing for any of my more debilitating issues. I’ll be complaining - the next step is to phone them but I’d appreciate any tips, please.

Only 2 out of all activities? That’s bad.

First thing you need to do is ask for a reconsideration I would ask for the report too and put in a sar subject access request this lets you know all the medical evidence they have on you, also I would get fightback4justice involved they are great search them on facebook they are helping me with my esa and they can give you the best advice.

Hi Alysea,

I am expecting a call between 10th and 17th October and I will certainly be asking for the reconsideration.

What is a ‘sar subject access request’ and how do I do it?

I’ve already found the Fightback site. They can only help me if my request for reconsideration is successful. After that phonecall stage, I should be able to go to ‘Madatory Reconsideration’. We really don’t need all this on top of everything else, do we?!

That’s not true about fightback there are fake groups pretending to be them, they have been helping me over phone and they can help you.


Check it out.

It’s really worth joining http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/. They have guides to help you. They where really helpful in fully understanding what they are looking for in there questions. good luck, I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks Poppyseed, I have done.I’m just waiting for my phonecall from the ‘Decision Maker’ now, due anytime up until 17th.

Have a pip assessment in 2 weeks and the horror stories i have read are making me more ill. I’m worried if i come across too normal or too happy…or if i walk ok with my walking stick…the list goes on! HELP! I now have hand tremors back through worrying :frowning:

Hello Hales

Have you joined https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ ? If not, I advise you to do so, they have members only guides including a guide on making a claim and what happens at a face to face assessment. It costs about £20 for the year, but it’s worth it.

I’ve not had a face to face assessment so I can’t give you any tips from personal experience.

Best of luck with it.


Thanks so much Sue :slight_smile: xx