any advice plz guys?


Can anyone tell me, what to expect from a PIP assessment?

I have a home visit due in few wks and really want to get everything i need ready for it.

I was sent out a cd rom / dvd and a booklet on the visit. however im struggling cognitively at mometn due to fatigue and cant seem 2 get my head round things. bit of a info overload for me im afraid. so would appreciate any advice in lay mans terms / direct terms plz?

thnx so much in advance

god bless

Anna x

Hello Anna, I had a home visit for PIP 4weeks ago. I was supposed to go to a centre but they cancelled at very short notice so agreed to a home visit. The assessment was a verbal version of the initial form you complete upon application. I was seen by a Nurse, she was friendly and relaxed which helped because I was very tense!! It wasn’t a horrible experience by any means just going through how MS affects me with everything I have to do. Good luck with your assessment. (If you want to ask me anything, just ask :)) Sam x

This is information on most benefits from the DLS (NOT pip I’m afraid)

Probably be worth £19.40 to join who have a wealth of info on PIP

Hi Anna, Sam`s reply sounds very helpfu.

Good luck for the visit.

be yourself, good or bad day,

luv Pollx

Hello Anna. It may be helpful to go over the copies of your original application and expand verbally to the nurse/doctor how you cope on a day to day basis. I can’t see any reason why you can’t have notes in front of you…cognition is part of your problem. Will there be someone supporting you on the day? The benefit at work website as anon mentions above is very good, I use it a lot. Good luck, Noreen

Hi Anna, I also have fatigue and cog fog. I always have someone with me in any meeting to prompt me or to remind me later about what was said or agreed. I’m waiting for my PIP assessment and I have been told that claimants are allowed someone with them. So my advice is to have someone you trust with you and make sure they have read a copy if your initial claim form and know your condition. (My MS nurse offered to come with me.) I find the benefits and work website very useful too. Good luck : ) Pen