Hi all, I have been refused an award for PIP for farcical reasons and I am going to ask for a MR. Can someone please advise of the test and where to find them. I know that we have to complete a task repeatedly and safely in a timely manner before any points for being unable to do that can be awarded. I just want to find out the exact wording for the tests so I can argue against their refusal effectively. Thank you and sorry if I’m repeating any previous thread.

is a great starting point



These are the Activities and various Descriptors within each Activity together with the points you accumulate for each Activity. You only score once for each Activity, so it’s the Descriptor with the highest points that is scored:

You need 8 points for the standard rate for each of the 2 components (Daily Living and Mobility), and 12 points for the enhanced rate for each component.

Theres also a PIP test on the Benefits and Work link Charlie gave. The guides for members on B&W are very good and worth the membership fee of about £20, if you’ve not joined already.

Theres also quite a lot of information on Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

If you word your MR carefully, rather than ‘arguing’ with the DWP, you could try explaining how you fit their various Activities. And don’t forget, it’s all about the evidence you supply to back up your words. So get as much evidence together as you can to support what you say (if it’s about Daily Living you can even include photos of aids and appliances), take your time and good luck.


Thank you for your helpful words. I will get to work on this mandatory reconsideration. What ‘evidence’ Do I send if I get help with meals? I.e. my family bring me food a number of days per week? I’ve bought a lighter hairdryer to help dry my hair as last one too heavy and couldn’t hold it for any length of time. Does this count as an ‘aid’?

If you have help with any kind of personal care, even from your family, you can get them to write a letter in support of your claim. So bringing you meals because you are unable to cook (chop, actually cook, etc) for yourself. Physically assisting you to eat, would be another thing altogether, but again, if you get help from another person, then they can write in support. Re the lighter hairdryer, I have no idea whether that might count as an aid. It’s worth mentioning, but don’t hold out hope that this al9ne will gain you points. I am by no means an expert on PIP, I can only go by my own reading of the regulations and experience.