PIP Assessment


i have a letter to say to say I have to go to a PIP Assessment.

You were very helpful re filling out the form x

Could you help me now as I don’t know what to expect and I know they can be sneaky!

Any advice on what to expect etc, etc… how to handle the meeting and such like?

Thanks a lot x


DON’T PANIC! I know people have got themselves in a tizz over pip assessments but if it’s possible, have someone with you during the assessment who can remind you of anything you forget, and stop any assessor fibbing about what has been done or said, hopefully you’ve got a copy of your claim form and can familiarise yourself with whatever your answers where as the questions they ask are the same, don’t forget to remind.yourself of any equipment you use to help you out indoors and outdoors even if it’s not designed as a disability aid,

the assessment itself is to confirm or clarify whatever you’ve written on your application form, and starts the moment you arrive at the assessment centre, if you look on ceilings and at the entrance door you’ll see small cameras everywhere, and your assessor will be watching you, after asking you questions that you’ve already answered on the form you filled in they may ask you to attempt a couple of physical actions like lift your feet one at a time off the floor or touch your hands behind your back, do not attempt anything that is painful or could cause you to fall and tell them why.


“Walk three steps to the desk”

“sorry I can’t I could fall over”

you have to assume your assessor knows nothing about MS so they may not know about any invisible symptoms and as they may not have your application form with them you are in effect almost filling in the form again verbally

I know is not always possible but most important is to take someone with you a relative or friend, it stops any temptation for your assessor to suggest they heard or saw you do or say something you didn’t.

But the good news is once you’ve had your assessment they don’t hang about and you should get your decision within 2/3 weeks

good luck

Someone with you also reminds you of stuff you forget. And we all see ourselves different than others, even those we love! My OH had to say, “you get annoyed and aggressive without a sleep in the afternoon” (True!)

Plus they see HOW you walk, how you cook (or don’t) and what you struggle with. The assessor mostly wants to hear from YOU, and they don’t like a companion chipping in too much, but it can’t hurt, especially if you struggle to articulate your difficulties.

I had no problems with the paperwork or the assessment. I got Aged UK to fill my form in lol, and my care worker and my husband took me to my assessment in my wheelchair. He said as soon as I walked into the room, you wont be here long we have had very good back up support from your GP and your neurologist about how your illness affects you.

He was right 20 minutes later i was back out. I got full enhanced and mobility.

I was scared to death to go to be honest because of all the horror stories. Yes i expect at the beginning it may have been bad in places, but all the people I know since have had no problems with it.

Just remember DLA is not PIP. PIP is a totally different ball game. Its about how your illness impacts on your daily living. I actually typed all my aids onto a table on word and explained what i used each one for.

The person filling in my form at the get go for Aged UK was from DWP, so she saw me and all my stuff and I am sure she helped to be honest.

Just make sure you take someone with you. Good luck you should be fine. xxxx

i have never claimed any benefits before so it’s been a shock to my system!

the worse part of it is having to focus on how bad it is.

i try to remain happy most of the time but focussing on how poorly you are made me feel like booking into dignitas!

however you will survive this.

i hope you receive a positive outcome

if you don’t, you need to request a mandatory reconsideration.

re-apply and wait around as usual.

if you are not happy with the results, continue to fight back.

it will end up going to tribunal.

the panel on the tribunal have nothing to do with the DWP.

they just look at your case and judge what is fair.