Home assessment

I’ve got assessment tomorrow, I didn’t ask for a home one but there you go. Can anyone tell me are you able to have the copy of your form with you during the assessment for reference as to what you’ve written or would it be better not to.

If you’ve got a copy of your form I would say it’s essential! You may have completed it months ago and a reminder is useful whether it’s for ESA or PIP. Remember that your assessment isn’t a medical it’s too assess whether you meet the required criteria, your assessment starts when you open your door, the HCP will be taking mental notes, looking at if you’re using any aids or appliances, how you sit and stand, or use your hands, for example if you’ve got a cup on the table in front of you or anything you’ve been using. I would also, if possible, have someone else there with you during your visit as they can confirm your actions during your assessment.

Thanks for the reply it’s for PIP I’m transferring over been on dla 23 years but reading so many horror stories I’m a nervous wreck. My husband will be there with me. Do they go around your house to check aids you have, that’s fine if they do just curious.

I’ve read other MSers haven’t been treated badly by assessors Ms is unambiguous for a lot of us, particularly those in the more advanced stages, for instance if you use a wheelchair full time they can’t dispute your mobility, and you are on the EDSS scale which is and indication.

incidently the fact that you have a home visit suggests something, they don’t grant many of those and even claimants with the most severe disabilities are often dragged off to assessment centres even after doctors have told them that the claimants need a home visit.

good luck for tomorrow.

Thank you very much for replying.