Pins and needles

Hi. I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet as am waiting for my LP appointment but was just wondering if I could get some advice. For about a month now I’ve had pins and needle/numbness in my thumb and forefinger. Is this likely to be permanent and or could some physio help? Thanks, just trying not to panic at the moment while I’m in diagnosis limbo.

Hi, Before I got diagnosed with RRMS, I had a list of symptoms including sensitive skin, pins and needles, numbness from below the belly button, dizzy, unstable walking, loss of control in hand, MS hug, burning sensation, l’hermittes sign & weakness in arms. I’ve been on Ocrevus for a year now and the only residual symptom I have is the burning sensation. I did get referred to a physio when I got diagnosed, however at the appointment we agreed I didn’t need any treatment.