Pins and Needles

Hi All,

This is my first time on here, and am feeling nervous!

I’m recently diagnosed with RRMS and have so many questions! One of the main things that bothers me is pins and needles. I get them in my left foot and up into my calf, they are sometimes so painful that if I’m, walking I have to stop every twenty metres or so until the pain becomes less painful!! I have driven when I get them, but sometimes my foot and leg feel like they don’t belong to me and I end up stalling my car a lot. Have learnt not to drive when it gets this bad as I’m afraid that someone will end up going into my car.

Does anyone else have this, if so how long does it last, and what can I do to make it less of an issue? Would really welcome any advice.

Freckles x

Hi Freckles

Don’t be nervous, we don’t bite. Welcome to the boards. I think your post was held up for moderation as we have had a lot of trouble with kitchen advert spamming and new users have to be subject to moderation before their posts are published. I found yours languishing on page 3 which means it has been held up and therefore overlooked by us. This should put you back on the front page and you should get some more replies.

I get pins and needles too, mostly in my fingers and toes. It is worse if I am hot or tired or if I have over exerted myself. It usually wears off when I rest apart from my left hand which has pins and needles all the time. This is due to nerve damage caused by a previous relapse and I have learned to live with tingly fingers on that hand. It’s surprising what becomes the new normal. I just have to take a bit more care when I’m handling hot pans etc.

If your pins and needles are causing pain when you are walking then I would suggest that you need a neuropathic painkiller. Something like amitriptyline or gabapentin is often prescribed for something like this, although your GP or MS nurse may have a different one they prefer to try first. It is definitely worth contacting either one to discuss the problems you are having. It is not something you should have to put up with especially as it is limiting how far you can comfortably walk.

You are right about not driving when your feet are very badly affected. Whilst the DVLA are happy to give most of us a 3 year licence when our GPs and neuros tell them we are safe to drive, it is up to us to be sensible and not drive when our symptoms are at their worst. My neuro told me I must never drive when I cannot feel the pedals as it is not only unsafe but if I should have an accident my insurance would be invalidated and I could even lose my licence.

Hope this helps.

Tracey x

I was going to suggest gabapentin too. I have weird sensations in left foot, feels like my toes are always curled, and sometimes it feels freezing cold when it isn’t. General tingling below knees of both legs too, can’t jog across a road without having to stop after.

You do learn to live with it, but if it’s affecting your driving or putting your safety at risk, then speak to your nurse and/or neuro soon x

hello, i get pins and needles but not to the point that they are painful luckily… just very annoying. i recently changed to an automatic car, which is lots easier. i also get weakness in my arms and legs too (not servere, but just to the point where evertging is more of an effort) so it has helped with this massively. i wish i had done it years ago… MS or no MS! xxx

I always wonder if the pain is actually pain, or a small spasm. My toes move on their own at times, quite amusing to watch x

i’ve had pins and needles for 5 years, they were my first symptom and i’m used to it now.

a locum gp gave me thiamin tabs (its one of the b vits) and the pins and needles went away for a few months then came back big style leading to my diagnosis.

i drive an automatic because my numb feet gave me a fright when i was waiting for lights to change to green. i was pressing the pedal and nothing was happening. the driver behind me got out, tapped on my window and told me i was pressing my brake.

i voluntarily relinquished my licence then and only asked for it back when i got a motability car, automatic.

have faith that you will overcome most symptoms.

you will be alright, think of yourself as a survivor!!

carole x

Oh yeah, forgot about that, I drive an automatic too as my left hand and arm are now the worst but previously when both legs were the worst it wouldn’t have helped. I now struggle constantly with a handbrake and gearstick so an automatic has obvious advantages and my latest relapse had affected my left leg. I did swap cars with my son for a day when his car was playing up as he had a longer journey than me - using the clutch pedal brought tears to my eyes as it meant using my left leg :frowning:


Thanks all for replying. I did think for the past couple of years that I was slowly going mad! It was like I was having a new symptom every week. It seemed to take forever to be diagnosed and when the consultant told me it was ms and asked how I felt, I was actually relieved (He did say this was a very common reaction and that i wasn’t going mad!)

It’s great to have this opportunity to speak to others who are feeling the same thing, thanks guys!

Freckles xxx

Hi Freckles

Welcome to the site. We are a lovely lot and are here whenever you need a chat.

I get pins and needles along with other strange sensations like numbness and a buzzing face at the moment which is really annoying.

Hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x