Pins and needles after showering

When I stepped from under the shower yesterday to wash myself I got pins anD needles all over my top half of my body. As soon as I stepped back under the shower to rinse myself they stopped, so I tried this a few times and the same thing happened every time. These were quite severe and eventually took around 10 minutes to stop after coming out of the shower. Just wondered if any one has had anything similar to this. Not life or death I know but really curious.

Maybe the pins and needles wouldhave ccome anyway yesterday and the water hitting the skin eased them. This disease all sends something different to confuse us. Glad it eased for you and didn’t last too long. Take care Barney

Mine was the other way round where running water made my skin crawl with neurological surges and as soon as I stepped out of the shower they stopped. Weird!

I get that to somethimes, but its more ofthen that I get it when Im out walking, where the clothes toutches the skin, it doesnt feel while walking but when I stop… It´s horible, and gets more the faster I have walked… super weird…

I get this in my leg after anything strenuous / stressful / tiring. All the time really! Also sometimes if shower too hot. Blood vessels…? Not sure.