Pins and needles....again

I have pins and needles in my right foot....again! The last time I had this was when I was relapsing for 10 months so I had pins and needles for 10 months and it was weird to say the least! Now im worrying that I might be relapsing again scared2 It feels like ive been sitting on my foot for ages and my balance has gone ''off track'' again.


Anyone else had or having this problem?

Often get pins and needles in my toes and fingers. My right foot swells up as does my leg and they feel like a ton weight and drag my leg along behind me. Balance what's that??

When I go out I use a stick as I've had to many falls for me to chance it anymore. Believe me the ground is very hard.

Janet x

Janet - I believe you (((hugs)))!! Ive got scars, cuts and bruises over my legs from falling down. My foot hasnt swollen up but my last 3 toes of a morning feel weird and I have like a weird type of pain there. I think im relapsing -the signs are returning just like last time.


Sunset -Im sorry, it sounds very painful. Mine went when I was on steroids in August last year.

Hi, I don’t have a huge problem with pins and needles so can’t really advise much but have you ever tried a TeNS machine. Just a thought!

Hi i have had pins and needles for years

The last couple of months my P&N have felt like

paper curts or jaggy nettles, very sore when i

wash my hands or have a shower.

Anyone else suffer like this ?