How long after hot shower paresthesia?

My paresthesia (tingling and vibrations in both feet) is unberable after a very hot shower. It takes about 5 or 10 minutes after I come out of the shower to get bad, although I feel it mildly whilst I’m in the shower. Does anyone else get this delay?

I get paresthesia in my soles within seconds of the hot water touching me. My left foot is worst and I have constant tingling which worsens in the heat. Mine subsides slowly after I get out of the hot water… sorry, not much help.

Hi, A delay is not unusual… but of course it’s the heat from the shower that’s causing it. Advise you to lower the temp of the shower, same goes with bath.

Always with MS it is best to avoid heat as much as possible (although for a few people heat seems to improve symptoms… but you are obviously not in that group).

Hope this helps,

Pat x

PS… sorry not sure if you are dx with MS. Heat can worsen other neurological problems too.

Pat x

Do you notice any colour changes when your tingles start?

I have had pins and needles/tingling in my left foot for a good few days now. I had a bath earlier and even though I’m warm the burning, stinging sensation began when I got into the warm water. I noted that my hands and the rest of my body felt fine with the temperature.

I remembered your post here and looked at my foot, the sole was bright red and there were purplish/black circles and patches over it. The right foot was also affected but to a much lesser degree… odd! I actually took a photo of it but as I hopped out of the bath to grab my phone it immediately began to subside. Got a good shot of one patch though.

Hiya, yes as I remember this morning there were purple and red patches on the top side of my feet after showering. I did think it was a bit weird but I thought that maybe it always happens and I only noticed it as I was looking that time! The rest of my body feels completely normal, it’s just my feet that suffer. It’s such a strange feeling, it just hits me hard all of a sudden.

Well, I’m glad I found you! I thought I had Raynaulds(sp?) but it happens when it’s 30 degrees outside and I get into warm water. I have a photo now for evidence, sad or what? I’m going to await the results of my MRI then start being a pain in the bum again, this can’t be right. When I mention it to anybody else they give me a really puzzled response so I know it’s not ‘normal’… whatever that is :slight_smile: