Well I’ve just got back from my first pilates class - and I really didn’t realise I was THAT wobbly!! Recommended by my MS Nurse, and the class is a GP referral one so other people with health issues. I’ll see how it goes, but today was a good start and I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits in due course .

Off to have a rest for the remainder of the day :slight_smile:

H x

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I am a great believer in Pilates and have been going twice a week when I can make it for around 2 yrs… some days when I am tired or hot I am still as wobbly as hell and could easily take the whole class out as I sway around ! but I have found that on my “normal” days I am much better than I used to be so it definitely helps . My neuro has noticed it too… The other thing you may find is one side better than others … saying that most of my class have a stronger side … enjoy

Great that you’ve been a Pilates ‘babe’ for a couple of years Mollymoo :slight_smile: Apart from one side of my neck being painful, I’m feeling a lot less stiff and achey than I have done for ages… so I’m feeling pretty encouraged