body balance

Anyone done a class called body balance? If do is it any good and what exactly is it? I do yoga but have seen this class advertised and might give it a go? But don’t wanna look a wally if I can’t do it. X

Hi Lisa,

I haven’t tried it, but a similar course was advertised round here, and from memory, it was a pick-and-mix from yoga and pilates. As both are reputedly helpful for people with MS, I reckoned it would probably be OK, but I didn’t get as far as signing up.


Thanks I might give it a whirl, joining a new gym which does yoga, Pilates and this body balance class so wondered whether others had experienced this? Fancy Pilates too. They have a gym too so might give that a whirl but not sure how the left leg will react to treadmills etc??? Only one way to find out…could be embarrassing but fun to try :wink: x

I love body balance! Its basically a series of movements to music (i.e. you do the same thing for a few weeks until they change the tracks and routines so you have time to get the hang of it). Its a mix of pilates, yoga and tai chi. I had done yoga and pilates before so found the tai chi bits a bit harder but you soon get used to it.

I don’t attend a class anymore as there isn’t one at my gym at the right tims for me, but I do pilates twice a week and it is BRILLIANT. My body feels so much better after a session, plus 75% of the class is floor based so not standing which is great for MS folks.

Try it and let us know how you get on. x

Thanks amylou, think I wil definitely be trying it. Feeling quite excited about trying it…might even try this week.aslong as I’m not too tired from my 1st week back at work…eeek :slight_smile: x x