yoga n meditation

hi all,

just wanted to know your thoughts on yoga classes n meditation plz?

i am thinking of trying them as to try n help with my fatigue and also just to get out there n socialize to help with me feeling low at moment.but i dnt want to do anything that might add to my fatigue problems, on the other hands.

all advice appreciated so thnx guys

Anna x

HI Anna Gentle exercises, if you can manage, regreat. Tai-chi, yoga, Pilates (strengthens core too) meditation, for the mind All are good Mike

Hi sooty typo Regreat shoul read are great. Mike

I give up, back too bed

thnx for taking time to reply mike


Anna x


Not tried, myself (another of those “keep meaning to” things), but I believe that in studies, both yoga and meditation have shown some effectiveness for symptom management.

They’re not miracle cures, and won’t delay progression - I’m sure you would not expect that. But they may improve quality of life.


l went to yoga classes for years - until my arthritic knee and hip[this is my good non ms leg] now prevent me from kneeling down- and l can’t get up off the floor without a struggle. Some classes will do ‘Yoga in a Chair’ - and Tai Chi looks really good suitable for all ages.

l hope you can find a class near you - it is so nice to get out and join in. The teacher - whether it is Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi will help you. The MSS exercise dvd [free] is also carefully aimed at all mobility problems. Some standing or sitting.

Once l have had my new hip/knee replacement - l shall be back!!!Perhaps even Zumba - ing.


Hi Anna

I do yoga every week its ran by my local MS branch I think its great there about 12 of us some in wheelchairs but we all have MS its for all those with MS its great it always finishes off with meditation and relaxing.

Before I started yoga I was out of breath just tying my shoe laces not anymore I can even touch my ears with my toes if I wanted lol

It really helps my balance and core muscles one time I couldn’t even sit on a chair without arms for support now I can stand without support.

And learning how to breath right and just meditated and switching off has been really good to learn

I’m going now to my class :slight_smile:

Mark x