Good exercise classes

I live in the South Wales area and I can’t find an exercise class suitable for an ms sufferer who has walking difficulties. Any good ones that people have tried?

Hi, I’m south Wales area as well, swansea. where are you? What about aqua aerobics? I need to start doing more exercise as well. My walking isn’t too bad but I do suffer with fatigue and dizziness. Hope u find something suitable.

Rach x

Hi Daisydoo

I live in Wales and have been refered, by my physio, to my local leisure centre for “mobiIity” classes. It’s really good and caters for all levels (as long as you can sit in a chair). It’s part of the Exercise Referral Programme so I assume it’s available throughout Wales, but I might be wrong. It cost £15 to register and £2 a class (2 classes a week, but you don’t have to go to both). We do exercise sitting and, for those who can, standing behind the chairs, then some people go through to the gym and the rest of us do gentler exercises with teacher giving more individual attention to those who need it.

Sorry I’ve gone on a bit! I hope this is helpful, I suppose your MS nurse, GP or local leisure centre would be able to tell you there is this scheme in your area and hos to be referred.

Hope find something to suit you soon


a good pilates class is ideal because it strengthens the core.

discuss your problems with the instructor and ask if he/she can give options of easier/harder adaptations of the exercise the class is doing.

good luck

carole x

I’d second the pilates comment. I avoided pilates for a long time because it wasn’t the kind of exercise I would have done before the MS. My main problem is with my right leg but my pilates teacher, who is also a physiotherapist, keeps an eye on me and helps me if I need it. Last week, after a year of going, I managed to do a balance exercise that I’ve always struggled with. It’s not graceful or pretty when I do it but it really helps in my every day life and makes me feel good at the same time!

Hope you find something that suits you

Becky x