Hi this question has prob been asked a million times. But is it ok to do exercise classes with MS. In the summer I was going gym 5 times a week when I had my first relaspe . So I’m a bit scared to go back to exercise just in case it happens again. I will receive my rebif injections this week I presume it will b next week when I start. What would b ur advice? Many thanks


Exercise is generally a good thing with MS. The important thing is not to get overtired and stress your body.

Can you get your GP or MS nurse to refer you to a neuro physio so that you can get the right advice for you.

If a gym programme is thought to be too much for you, there are exercise DVDs which can help.

Incidentally I have limited mobility and thanks to my physio and a supportive gym instructor, I am able to do an adapted programme at the gym e.g. I use the hand cycle to get cardio vascular exercise.

Good Luck


As Annie has already said, exercise is generally good for MS. It is important to stay well hydrated and to avoid overheating though as these may cause a temporary increase in symptoms. I don’t believe it is possible to make your MS worse by exercising.

Karen x

Exercise is essential to help keep your bits moving and improves general health, so what’s not to like. Stick within your comfort zone and all should be fine.

Thank you for all ur advice. I will start back at the gym on Wednesday and work in my wobbly thighs lol

As everyone else has said, exerccise os good for us, but make sure you take it gently and don’t tire yourself too much or overheat. But also, I’d recommend doing a Pilates class. It won’t give you much of a cardiovascular workout, but the exercises will be very good for helping things like your balance & walking. The exercises I do when I see a neuro physiotherapist are all based on Pilates ones. If you go, just make sure you take plenty of breaks in between exercises & don’t overdo it.