can’t even spell it!

anyone tried it and found it of benefit?


When I see a physio, the exercises I do are all based on Pilates. It helps to improve your core strength, which I then find it really helpful for my walking & balance. I definitely recommend giving it a try. Make sure you take lots of breaks - even if you don’t feel tired, you’re still giving individual muscles a good workout, so they’ll to get lots of rest. If you go to a class, there’s nothing wrong with sitting out some of the exercises.

Hope you find it helpful.


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It’s Pilates.

It’s supposedly very good for MS. I’ve never directly tried it, but most physiotherapy exercises I was prescribed by a neuro-physio were pretty much directly lifted from Pilates. I think you’ll find that’s pretty common - the professionals “borrow” from it, so they think it’s more than a fad.

Like any exercise, the biggest hurdle is doing it! You’d think preserving/maintaining the ability to walk should be a pretty good motivator, but sadly not so in my case. Despite seeing positive reasons why I should be doing them, I still find the exercises a boring chore, quite frankly, and tend to put it off until I’ve either injured something, or had a fright about quite how bad my walking’s getting, which reminds me that perhaps I should have been exercising…

If it doesn’t come naturally, it’s very hard to turn yourself into an exercise freak, no matter how strong the case is. :frowning:


I need something wheelchair based if I get on the floor I can’t get up anymore without a hoist

I know I don’t do enough but when I could I did and it didn’t stop me getting worse.

That sound as if I am a defeatist but I have fought this at every step for over twenty years and recommend anyone to do what they can and keep smiling. Don

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Don all the excercises my physio showed me were done on a bed, which for some strange reason I now do on the floor at home. I’m a bit like Tina though and don’t do them as I should

Jan x

I love it…do two classes a week…and exercises at home too. I have found it really beneficial…not a miracle cure but certainly feel better doing it and more stable I.e balance wise. Due to christmas classes have not been on and I can really tell I have not been doing them…eager to get back to them on Monday and also looking for a good dvd for home use. Highly recommend it xxxx

Hi Jan,

I don’t find it strange you choose the floor. I was also told I could use the bed, but although it’s obviously not such a struggle to get up from, I find it a problem that it wobbles - even though mine’s. quite a firm bed. As I’m quite shaky already, when I attempt the exercise, it doesn’t help if the surface is wobbling about underneath me. The floor is better - if I can still get up from it. At least it doesn’t wobble back if I wobble.




pilates is excellent.

although i no longer go to classes, i still do some at home to ease stiffness in various parts of my body.

it’s good to practise getting up from the floor.

it looks very ungainly though and i only attempt it in private!

it is pronounced “puhlahtes”

it is the name of the man who started it.

carole x

I really love the pilates. Go twice a week. Struggle with some of the mat exercises but my teacher is great at adapting exercises for me. I find I get most benefit from using the reformer machine though. Half my class is spent on the machine and half on the mat. Despite struggling with walking I know my muscles are in good shape as I use the reformer with quite high tension setting. Never tired after a class but feel great.

still laugh at one off the cartoons a friend posted on FACEBOOK . Pilates??? Oh I thought you said pie and lattes.

Thansk for the replies.

What sort of exercises are they - akin to yoga?