Strenghtening the core?

Last few months I’ve been having trouble to walk up straight. What exercises can I do at home to get my muscles is my lower back and abdomen (core) stronger? I’m 38 and walking like a 90-year old woman with my walking stick. I don’t want to give up and live in a wheel chair yet. Have to stay independent since my family’s not there to support me and I believe that I can do it. I have to, giving up is not an option.


I’m Belgian, excuse my mistakes in writing :slight_smile:

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I found that even the most basic of these core strengthening exercises improved balance, so probably a good starting point. Core stability exercises (a pilates type approach) | MS Trust Getting assessed by a decent physio is also well worth doing.

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pilates is the best for a strong core.

a good tutor will give 3 levels to cover all abilities within one class.

i moved to standard from novice but then got ms and never made it to advanced.

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i do pilates for my core strength i went to see a neuro-physio and she taught me how to do the pilates exercises to build the strength up in my core,they really help me,i dont do them as often as i should though,but will make more of an effort now i have reminded myself.

I follow Adriene (yoga on the internet and youtube), I adapt her moves and need furniture to get up and down, but she has specific yoga short sessions for just about everything you can think of.

Also, keep walking, keep on keeping on, yes it hurts, yes it is a blasted nuisance, but if you stop -

Also, if you are going to do any core exercises etc. make sure your Doctor or someone sees you first. I went first, to ask if the yoga etc. was ok for me, he checked my spine first to ensure that there had been no bad new damage since the last time I saw him. Then announced I had a bit of a new problem with part of my spine but yep, go ahead, it would hurt but it would stretch it out and maybe help. Really he was saying it was knackered up either way so it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Try anything, that’s what I think. If it helps good, if it hurts well not much different not normal then! However, after exercises I do have to wear a back brace for about a day, especially if driving. I also wear it when I am watching tv sometimes just to help my back a bit and keep my posture as straight as possible.

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I’d recommend Pilates too… and welcome from Belgium … I was in Brussels on Tuesday unfortunately not by choice was trying to get home after Ryan air dumped me in Madrid !