Pilates and ms

Hi there, I’m recently diagnosed with MS and I am looking to start Pilates. Does anyone else find it helps and what are the benefits overall?

i used to go to a pilates class at the gym.

it was great and i developed a nice 6 pack.

i don’t go any more although i should.

pilates is brilliant for the core, which everybody especially those with ms should work on.

my physiotherapist used a lot of pilates exercises.

try to enjoy it.

Absolutely. Exercise is essential as MS can quickly weaken the muscles. Pilates, yoga, and tai chi all help to keep fit in a more mindful way than an ordinary gym regime. Anthony

Hi Yes, I think Pilates helps a lot. When I’ve seen a physio that specialises in neurological conditions, the exercises we do are based on Pilates. As Carole says, the key thing it helps with is your core strength. This means it’s great for helping your balance & walking, and makes best use of the strength you have. My ability to walk etc is always better after I’ve done my exercises. Dan

I do pilates and it’s made a big difference to my core strength. I’d recommend a small class so that you can get more individual attention and a teacher that knows about MS so they understand what is and isn’t possible. Oh, and it made me an inch taller!

I started going to Pilates classes just over a year ago having given up the gym about a year previous. I have to admit I didn’t like it. I have a fairly low boredom threshold and I found the whole thing just boring! After the pilates class I started going back to the gym and I think that’s what I’ll stick to. I was a bit of a gym bunny before the MS stopped my fun. Havn’t been recently because my fatigue was too bad, but now the Modafinil is working i’m gonna head back. I do mostly weights which does help a lot with core strength.

Pilates is sposed to be good for the core. Good luck, personally I can’t kneel or lie on the floor anymore so I stick to tai chi and swimming.

ALWAYS get your medical professional (eg a GP) to ok you for exercise. There could be other reasons why it may not be advisable. Any qualified trainer will tell you this. Because I have MS, I qualified as a specialist therapist in Exercise for Neurological Conditions, including MS. Most people are quite ok to exercise. Research has shown that it can be good for MS. But if you have MS, ALWAYS tell your GP before you start exercise.

I started pilates a year ago and find it a big help. The class I go to is a GP referral one at the local gym and so the instructor has a good understanding of health issues. I’m quite wobbly - especially on my right side - so the core strengthening helps with that… we also do lots of stretching exercises which helps with stiffness. I’m tired after a class, but it’s well worth the effort. The instructor has also introduced the use of spikey massage balls - you can purchase on ebay/amazon at reasonable prices. Use to massage different areas of the body and it really helps with loosening up ‘tight’ areas.

I started with yoga 2 years ago and due to the class leader being on holiday the stand in did pilates, I find yoga more helpful and pilates a bit of a struggle by the end of the class but i think it certainly will strengthen everything with time and persistance, one thing yoga does is ensure a great night of deep sleep if you can find a later evening class!

there are some exercises that i find almost impossible to do and other that i find easy.

pilates “downward dog” i always found easy but since my low blood pressure starting to cause problems i daren’t try it any more.

my ms therapy centre has some excellent classes with a new one about to start by the resident neuro physio.

i’m going to have to dig out the wii fit but after Christmas.