MSpilates - burley in wharfedale

Hi is anybody interested in attending a Pilates group? It is specifically for peoples with MS run by a specialised Pilates instructor. It has made a huge difference to my mobility. Going is worth it’s weight in gold! Please let me know if your interested Sarah x


I have just made an enquiry to a local Pilates group which would be very convenient for me. It’s a beginners group so I hope that it’s ok for me as I use crutches to walk longer distances. My balance isn’t too bad but needs some improvement.

Tina W x

i was referd to a neuro physio for a 4 week course she showed me how to do pilates excercises for my balance,and she made sure i was doing them properly too,which is very important,as if you are doing them wrong they wont work,

i find it helped me a lot.

J x

Hi Tina and Mrs J, Hope these go well but if not and your near Burnley in Wharfedale please get in touch. Sx

Hi Tina and Mrs J, Hope these go well but if not and your near Burnley in Wharfedale please get in touch. Sx

hi i would love to go just for the fact it s in burley-in-wharfdale, stayed there for a few years prior to my diagnosis, back home in scotland now


Anyone who has the chance of going to a Pilates class - do. You will be amazed how it will help with your mobility - even problems you have had for years can be helped. l have started having one-to-one hour sessions - had 4 now. This is since having a hip and knee replacement. l am so much stronger - Core Strength is the key to most of our difficulties. l think it helps mentally and physically.

To-day - in the session - l managed to stand up from sitting without having to hold onto anything. l did it several times. lt was only a couple of months ago l thought l would be permanently in a wheelchair.

lf you get the chance of a one-to-one - do try it for a few sessions to get you started. l shall be joining a class of four soon. l do the ‘floor exercises’ on a treatment bed as l still cannot get up off the ground. But l am confident that l will manage it soon.

Wow space jacket you took the words right out of my mouth. I can climb stairs something I haven’t been able to do in years. I had a relapse not so long ago and missed 3 weeks and you could really tell. This group is only small and because of that and because the instructor specializes in MS she really picks up on your individual needs