Physical changes

Well as you can probably gather from my user name I like to play the saxophone… Joking the drums well I haven’t played them for probably 5-6 months due to one thing or another. Well went in the drum room today and picked up the sticks and had a quick thrash and it was obvious that I needed to make some adjustments to the position of the the drums just to make things easier, well easier said than done when it came to undo the post clamps I couldn’t turn the blooming things I was gobsmacked I persevered and managed to get them all undone and in the new place. Then the fun started came to play them and I was all over the place getting grooves all wrong even just basic ones and I couldn’t get my head around it I knew what I wanted to play but it just wouldn’t happen it was so frustrating I had to go back to very basic rudiments and break it down to bite size pieces then put its together. That worked for so long then after a while the signal from my brain to my hands got mixed up again and the wrong beats came out. All of this in 6 months


just to say i know how hard it can be… i cant fix it or suggest owt-just wanted to let u know that this has been read and understood.


Drummer Boy, like Ellie, there’s not much I can say or do to help you just Keep On Drumming, you may get angry with the MS Monster, if you do, take it out on the drums (even though they’re innocent!). May help with the frustration you must be going through and may bring you back to your previous skill level. Brit Awards next year?!! xx

It is very frustrating because I know what I want to play but getting my arms and legs to do that is very weird. It’s difficult enough to play drums in the first instance because you have to get each arm and leg to do something different to the other one, But my thinking is if I carry on I can use it as therapy and look for easier grooves to play, can’t bring myself to give it up and sell up as its a custom kit in mint condition that gets polished more than the furniture.

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you have my admiration for being able to play the drums in the first place.

i tried many years ago and i just knew that i’d never be able to play them.

a musical ability is precious and it must really b*m you out to lose it.

however your motor memory will pick up from where the signals get disrupted.

keep on trying and eventually you should be able once again to belt out the beats.

carole x

The neighbours asked my wife if I’d started giving lessons to beginners so, as they were so used to me playing along to back ink tracks mind I did laugh when the Mrs came in and told me that one

Smudged, absolutely brilliant! Drummer Boy you can do it too. xx



my clarinet remains safe in its box-as it has for 10 ish years-one day it will go to a new home-just not quite yet…