Hi All....I've moved my bedroom downstairs...the stairlift was becoing more and more dificult and I used to dread having to use I'm in the living room and I'm a lot less stressed....there was some reticence as my father used to say 'next stop the graveyard' whenever someone moved their bed....BUT it has been a good move for me, so much more relaxed.....

No real point in this post....just thought I'd share.

keep well

Guido x

I can understand your mindset Guido. It’s not the same but when I made the decision to start using a stick 2 or 3 months ago, I felt really reluctant but did. Now, I’m really pleased as it helps me maintain my balance and eases the stress on my legs.

Glad you feel so much more relaxed,

Stay well,

Teresa xx

Thanks Mel and Teresa.for your replies and good wishes....

G xx