The Drums Were Calling

As you can probably guess from my username I play the drums or used to do my best, much to the disgust of my neighbours. Well I was having problems with the sticks and the lack of sensation in my hands hence flinging the sticks all over the place, well back to them today armed with thicker sticks and special extra sticky stick tape and the backing track for fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, now the groove is the easy bit and I quickly got the hang of that without flinging a stick out the window, the fill however was a bit more complicated and the tape held out and by tea time I had mastered the whole track. It was great to be playing again even if it takes a lot longer to learn a track than it used to, but it’s good physio lol


That’s such a good positive post on an otherwise crappy day. I’m really pleased for you, if not your neighbours.


Sue I feel really great about it but I also feel a bit of a naughty boy I didn’t realise the loveley lady next door had done a night shift and I’d spent the best part of the day playing the same thing over and over again… Oooops


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hiya db

bravo for your determination!

i have seen this lot 3 times-there are fabulous!

i have booked on to a drumming workshop-not with them-but a local one to me. its only for an hr and half and am not sure how i will get on with one hand but i said that i was happy just to be in the room/atmosphere!


Hiya ellie

all drumming is great fun and a great stress buster, I have been off them for a while as I was having probs with grip and right leg issues on the kick drum. It takes me a bit longer to work out how to play a track but then you don’t have to be the most technical drummer to sound good. It was the physio who convinced me to get back at them and to be honest I really enjoyed it.


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I would happily be woken up to Tusk on the drums DB! Good to hear you have sussed out a method to carry on doing something you love x

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Good for you, tusk is brilliant. Poor neighbours, carpets on walls?