hoe down!!

hi everyone

my lovely son, billy, has bought a banjo and is teaching himself to play.

he did the same with his gibson guitar and i love to hear him play.

however my husband isnt enjoying it if the grimace on his face is anything to go by.

my other son, jack, is into dance music so there may be trouble ahead (but whilst theirs music etc)

so when billy has mastered his banjo we’re having a hoe down and you’re all invited

carole x

Yee ha!

It could be worse for your hubby Carole! My sons best friend is learning the violin! he is driving his parents insane with the screeching!

My little boy is also learning and its lovely to hear him play.


go go Billy go!but dont ever ditch the gibson!! wot type ya got? i play harmonica luv em all!

can i come too ya hoe down? keepon plukin dude stay safe!!


A couple of xmas’s ago - l bought my friend a Banjo - and one for myself. l still have not got to grips with it. Perhaps l will now.

l call the George Foreman grill my George Formby.

Love the sound of a banjo. When played well - of course.

lts recorders l can’t stand.

thanks for your replies.

music is on the cards for me.

just popped to asda and my friend was there, we had a quick chat and guess what, we are going to see neil young in liverpool!

£60 a ticket but he is a legend.

carole x