Sudden urge - not had one for years...

Sudden urge to learn to play an electric guitarsorry but it has been awhile! I’m not musical and I may be losing the plot (no change there, I hear you saying). Fed up of no control over my life, if one more physiotherapist says ‘core and posture’ I may have to hit her with one of my sticks!

Any way I want to make a lot of noise, I could just put the radio up but I want to bash something or is it strum? I have borrowed the guitar and amplifier BUT did I mention I’m not musical? The damn thing is heavier than I thought could be my age or progression of MS. Take care be safe, your mental or heavy metal friend M xx

Bang away to your hearts content...then give the guitar back...youll probably get the urge out of your system! Maybe next time, try a drum kit!



Ha ha, that’s just what I did, it’s so annoying when I lose grip of the sticks and they end up the other side of the room. But what a wicked way to get rid of tension. And I have managed to learn quite a bit as I muddle my way through, 1/4’s 1/8ths, 16ths, beats and grooves and a few simple fills along the way. So go on have a go, take your time and enjoy it.

Keep at it dude. I used to be interested in making electronic sounds before my diagnosis & the reason I was struggling to walk.

On the day I kept falling & didn’t have the strength to get up. All the vultures came to visit, interested in stealing my equipment & planned ventures. Thinking I was going to die.

They want anything & everything, some folks. Quite a few people have started claiming they have PPMS since my news. They think it’s a walk in the park.

Music reminds me of those vermin now. This MS crap, has a lot to answer for.

Owning anything & doing anything, attracts the lowest of all life forms.

Those who act like they have PPMS, need to feel what it’s truly like & stop acting the symptoms out. They’ll get no Oscar, pretending.

I might just power everything up & have a blast. Synthesisers, drum machines & loopers, are great fun.

Ooooo good on you!!! I can’t play anymore, but believe me, the heavy metal is deafening every morn out of the radio, long live rock, bugger whether you are musical of not, it will sound ace, in the words of Bon Scott ’ for those about to rock, we salute you!) Tracey xx


what horrid people to steal from you!

hope karma bites them on the arse!

carole x

Cheers guys, I may just be strumming but the tune in my head is marvellous. Take care and be safe M

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