Personal Alarm


i was wondering if anyone can help. My mum has secondary MS which is progessively getting worse. In the past week she has fallen 3 times becuase she has a drop foot so she has ended up tripping over herself. As she still wants to remain independant she currently lives on her own so does anyone know how we can get a personal alarm for her when she does fall we can get to her asap.


Do they have a lifeline system in the area. This is a button she would wear and ring for assistance. This would go to a control centre and they would contact whoever is down as emergency contacts. If there is no response they would contact emergency services to attend but that’s usually a last resort unless your mum is indicating to the control centre she needs an ambulance. They put in a monitor attached to the phone so they can speak through this to your mum. Hope this helps x

Age Concern do them. Very good service and very reasonably priced. Alison

I know someone who has one. Its brilliant. He wears it on his wrist. It even works as far as the garden. When ever you get stuck, fall , need help etc, press the red button and someone starts talking to you straight away. Loud and clear. Its so reassuring. . …Almond x

Call your mum,s local council and ask if they run a careline scheme. It is the same thing, a button to press and will be answered by a person who will ask what help is needed. Can be wrist button or pendant type. They will keep numbers for relatives/friends who could get there fast of if ever needed call for emergency services.

They usually recommend an outdoor “keysafe” too.



You will also need a secure keybox outside the front door so that emergency services can get access unless there is some other way they gain access that I have not heard of. Occupational therapist will arrange.

I had a similar problem before becoming a wheelie but I never got round to getting an alarm or keybox.


Hi On a separate note, has your mum been given a foot-up device to control foot drop. I got one via my MS nurse and it really helps. Neil

Another useful device is a DORO 610 mobile phone. This is a big-button flip phone with an ICE (In Case of Emergency) button on the back. Press it for a couple of seconds, and it starts mailing your contacts and then phoning them. All you need is credit on the phone.

The requirement for a keysafe (or a neighbour with a key) remains.


Thank you for all your comments its really appreciated. The main issue is being that no one is there to help when she falls she looses her balance and falls backwards banging her head on a number of occasions. Once she has fallen she really struggles to get back up as the other days she fell and it took an hour to get up meaning she could then ring us.

i will try out the recommendations thanks

We just bought a SABRE alarm for my old mother and have found it to be very good, though we haven’t had a real life emergency situation yet.