What support is available?

Hi All,

I couldn’t seem to find anything in the forum which covered my question really so apologies if this has been posted before (I’m new!).

My husband’s Mum has MS and is currently living alone (divorced). She is not yet 60 but her condition is getting progressively worse and overnight she has had an episode where her legs have been particularly unco-operative and her bladder too, resulting in her lying in bed for a couple of hours, wet and unable to move, until she was able to reach us on the phone in the early hours of the morning.

We are very worried about her as both her children and their partners all have full time jobs / pets / children etc and although we will always help where we can, what if we are stuck at work, on holiday etc?

So we have started to research options for care for her, but I cannot see anything short of getting in an NHS carer, which is not really what she needs- day to day she can walk with the help of a walker, she has a special chair, special bed. But she needs some sort of emergency line that she can reach day or night for help if and when one of us is not around.

She would hate assisted living and values her independence in all ways. Does anybody have any experience / suggestions in this area?

Thank you in advance, Pippa

Hi Pippa, Contact your local authority or county council about a personal alarm. This is a button worn on the wrist or a pendant. Once the alarm has been activated the operator will know who and where you are as they will be able to access the details you provided when you signed up for the system. The operator will get the right help to you including the emergency services if required. Best wishes, Anthony

Thanks Anthony,

I will look into this today!

Hi Pippa,

As albrecht durer said, I also think the lifeline alarm is the way. Your mother in law may find it a little bit much to begin with. But it gives everyone peace of mind that help is always just a button away. It would eliminate the fear that one day you may find your relative on the floor, ‘helpless’. The alarm is like a charm for your relative, reminding her that you are always there to support.

Hello there, the situation sounds difficult for everyone. It sounds as if your mother-in-law needs to see an Occupational Therapist. Good luck.