Advice please

Hi, Im new to this so please bare with me.

My wife has had MS for approx 15 years now which has severely reduced her mobility to the point where her right leg is just non functional.

She manages to get about with the help of a frame or wheelchair when out.

Just recently she had a fall (Boxing Day) and hurt her “good leg” severely spraining and bruising her left foot.

So now she cant walk at all very well which is a nightmare.

I am self employed and at the moment I cannot go to work as I need to look after her until, hopefully her foot heals and she can get back to just about managing to get around the house.

She is unable to use the stairs now to get to bed so is using a reclining chair as a bed in the living room.

Has anybody else had issues like this to deal with as I am struggling a little here trying to get a solution.?


It sounds like you need help in all sorts of areas.

To begin with, contact your local councils Social Services department and ask for a care assessment. You can do this whether you qualify for financial assistance or not. Even if you don’t qualify for £ assistance, it can help to focus your minds on what help you need.

It sounds like a stair lift might be a useful thing to have, and Social Services might be able to help with that.

People who have had more dealings with Social Services, Direct Payments and the like should be able to give you more guidance in this area. As would the Citizens Advice Bureau.

You haven’t said whether your wife receives either ESA or PIP. If she doesn’t get ESA, and hasn’t worked for a few years, chances are she won’t qualify for it now as she won’t have paid enough NI for contributions based and income based will take your earnings into account. If she doesn’t receive PIP, then I suggest she makes a claim. The CAB should be able to help you with this too.

If you spend at least 35 hours per week helping with your wife’s care (and this is not instead of you working, it can also be as well as your work), you could qualify for Carers Allowance. Again, ask the CAB to guide you.


Are you in touch with an MS Nurse?

She can coordinate all of the referrals and care - ask for a Care Plan.

Also keep her GP informed of her new care needs and your needs.