Please explain

Hi all

Please could someone explain the means tested benefits. I have RR ms but I maybe now secondary progressive,and I got married just over a year ago. And now we apparently aren’t entitled to certain benefits, as my husband earns a tad too much! The part I’m struggling to understand is he paid for getting me a stairlift and wheelchairs and grab rails around the house which all went on credit cards, now they are maxed out. Therefore there is no money available. How are we supposed to pay for other adaptations etc? Am I getting it all wrong?

Is there anybody else with this issue? Many thanks in advance.


You need to get advice re benefits.

Welfare Rights is a great start, run by local authorities.

there are lots of other organisations offering free advice (eg CAB).

Make a large brew and settle in for a marathon phone session!

Good luck

Hi Anon, we had similar back in the day and it depends on your local Councils set up. I triumphantly paid for a stairlift and a reclining bed upstairs for my partner (both not cheap). I was advised not too by the Occupational Therapist as she had the foresight to see what might be ahead and advised to go straight to the convert downstairs to accessible bedroom/wetroom. In the end she was correct. We got garage conversion priced up and same as you, the local authority would only pay for an amount over something like £25K due to my income. We didn’t have £25K to pay for it, so we ended up cobbling together charity support from MS Society Grant and Professional Benevolent Fund to cover the cost. LA did pay for a ramp to be installed outside the front door as different adaptions department… They did pay for two hand rails on the main stair too. As is often the case, you’ll need to research all the various funding avenues and assemble the jigsaw pieces from what you need/can get support for in your area. Hope that gives you some ideas based on what we’ve lived through, never easy, so prepare yourself and listen carefully to the OT if you trust their advice. Good luck.