Financial Help


I was looking some advice and guidance on Financial and government help for my mum who is living with MS. Mu mym currently lives on her own in a first floor flat. she has tried to get some sort of bebfits to help but was declined on her appeal as they assessed her when she has Primary Ms but has quickly progressed into secondary ms.

she has been given a few things to help her around the flat but this isnt enough, we ideally need her to move to a ground floor flat but again its her being able to afford it.

How do people get finicial help?


I would imagine - to get the ball rolling - your Mum needs to find out what financial aid she’s entitled to …and that would most likely come from her ms nurse, or possibly occuational therapist. (i.e. someone able to actually talk to her, ask questions and etablish what financial assistance was appropriate.)

Then, entitlements could be identified and the best way to claim could be discussed ?

Good luck!!


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I don’t know when your mum first applied for benefits but she’s entitled to claim again, if her circumstances have changed.

Citizens advice, would be the best people for her to contact. I would definitely advise her to get help, when filling out the forms.


As your mums condition has changed I would ask her gp for a referral to an ot, or ring Social Services adult team. They will visit and then help with any adaptations needed.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Pam x

Hi, yeh, ring Social Services and they will do all the referrals and point you in the direction of the benefits boys.

By the way, MS which is secondary, doesnt change to primary…primary is always primary. RR can change to secondary.

Dont mean to be a clever so and so, just saying is all.

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