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So I went to the drs monday am as i was sure i had a kidney infection. He was also sure and gave me a perscription for antibiotics. In the mean time he has sent my sample off to the lab to be tested. So I got my antib’s and have been taking them. Then today he phones me - lab results are in. I have the wrong tablets - so he has said I need to stop taking them and go and get this new perscription for new tablets.

The thing is - can I not just swap the tablets? I know its only £8 but its £8 quid I wont have until next week when I get paid. I couldnt say this to him tho as it is embarrassing not being able to afford £8!!! I know I need these new ones as the ones I have are defo not working. I still have a lot of pain and am barely passing any urine (with or without catheter). I am not moaning he gave me the wrong ones - I think he gave me a fairly generic one to try and see me through until they knew exactly the ones I needed which I apprecaite was the best thing to do.

Or do you think maybe wait until pay day to get the new ones and take these ones in the meantime? Or is that stupid?

Thanks in advance.

(Anon because I am still embarrassed about not having £8!)

Hi, I agree that you shouldnt have to pay when youve been told you were given the wrong tablets.

When we were paying for scripts, my hubby often had side-effects soon after taking any meds, then he`d get different ones and we still had to pay.

Have a word with the pharmacy when you go for the other meds. I somehow doubt you`ll get a good response, but it is worth trying.

One good thing about being over 60, is that we get free scripts.

Theres no need to be embarrassed about not having £8. Theres been many an occassion when I didnt have that much in my person and longed for payday to come.

luv Pollx

Like Poll says don’t feel embarrassed about not being able to afford a second £8. I remember many occasions when I was hunting for pennies so that I could afford a meal for us all. I am sure we have all been there at some point.

I would explain to he chemist too. Fingers crossed for you.

Shazzie xx

Hi didn’t realise that MS patients don’t get free perscriptions, so having Hypothyroidism is making life a little easier financialy for me, so there is always a plus to everything, even though some days its so hard to find. Sorry to hear that you are being left to struggle it dosen’t seem fair that people find themselves in this situation through ill health, £8.00 to some of us is two days worth of main meals.

Take care hope things one day will improve for everybody in this situation.

I would echo what the others have said. Even if you did have the £8, why should you have to fork it out twice, over somebody else’s mistake? It’s not peanuts to anyone these days!

I would ask/tell the doctor, and see if there’s anything that can be done. They might not be willing to write a permanent exemption, but something to cover you this once. It’s an expensive business paying for wrong meds, and then supposed to chuck them and pay for new!

Just a thought - if you are on very low income, and have minimal savings, might you not be eligible for free prescriptions anyway? Unfortunately, they’re not awarded automatically, just for having MS, but if you’re on any mean-tested benefits, you might qualify.



Hi Anon,

Unfortunately, I think unless a particular bacteria is detected, all they can do is prescribe an antibiotic suitable for most kidney infections. I would certainly not hesitate to get the new ones (and started on them as soon as possible),even if you have to borrow the money.

If you are on a low income, there is a form for applying for help with prescription charges/dental care and your pharmacy may have some (sorry, I can’t remember what it’s called).

I’ve been through this myself and was lucky enough to have the money at the time, but I was in absolute agony and I don’t think it’s worth the risk of letting it develop further.

Mags xx

Alternatively… move to Wales! We get free prescriptions!! (We also have to wait 18 weeks for an MRI unless we are willing to travel over the English border… and wait just 4 weeks) i am not bitter about this or anything. Honest. Ha ha.

You are intitled to free prescriptions - get the form from your GP’s receptionist and get the GP to sign it . MS is a progressive illness and as you also use catheters there is no way you should be paying for prescriptions. Also, it is obvious you are not able to afford them. l never paid for my prescriptions for years. Nothing to do with earnings or being able to walk to chemist - now l am over 60 and get exemption anyway.

lf you don’t ask - you won’t get.

No need to move to Wales !!

And it is important that you get the right antibiotics and take them ASAP.

Hi Anon, never be ashamed that you have little money, being ill must be so expensive when you have to pay for prescriptions. Luckily in Scotland we don’t pay for them but I know if we did I would be skint as my daughter is on so many drugs at the moment it would cost a fortune (for me a fortune anyway). Our doctor has even told me to get prescriptions for her paracetamol as she goes through boxes of them a week so now I don’t have to worry about he cost of them. Like others have said is there not a form to fill in to get free ones? I hope there is as the worry about finding money for your prescriptions can’t be helping with your stress levels which we all know does not help with MS. Big hugs L x

Hi Anon

I couldn’t afford to be this ill if I wasn’t on Tax Credits, I have two full pages of repeat prescriptions. Are Tax Credits not applicable to you? It might be worth looking at the directgov website to check that out too.

Even so, there are usually a few days at the end of the month (especially those horrid 5 week months) when I’m scrabbling around in the cupboards to make a meal.

My son tried to get help with his many prescriptions (we’re the Fit Family lol) but as he lives with me, they decided he didn’t have any outgoings and could manage on 12 hrs’ pay pw and still pay for 10 repeat prescriptions per month! We now buy a 3 monthly prepayment prescription which works out much better value.

Tracey x

Don’t be embarrassed. If you hadn’t hidden you message I would have sent you the money through paypal. Terrible times with those stiff upper lip twats In Power. BE


Lots of good suggestions. It is difficult balancing the books when you get an unexpected bill. You probably know but if you get more than 2 prescriptions per month you can buy a prescription prepayment card. It’s £10.40 per month but you can get as many prescriptions as you need. Your Drs will have a form to fill in or you can do it online.

Having MS I’ve get about 4 prescriptions a month, so very good value.

Hope new tablets work.


That’s what I do Jen…pay by direct debit. I’m on about 8 meds per month, lost count lol. I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Didn’t know they now cost £8, WOW!! that would have been costing me I’m thinking!! £48 a month

Didn’t think long enough lol £64

Check with your GP about free prescriptions.

I have ‘likely’ PPMS and mobility problems that lead to my Dx.

I can still walk but with a stick but later in the day, I need my crutches unless I’v had a very quiet day. My GP was happy to agree I should have free prescriptions as the ‘permanent disability’ description fitted. I’m still hopng I can improve the footdrop situation but realise I’m unlikely to do more than potter round the house a little without the stick :frowning:

Sonia x

Guys - thank you so much for your comments! I did read these during the week - but was just too ill/in a bad mood/too tired to reply.

I have spent the past week very poorly - but I did call on me ole mother dear and she got me my new tabs :slight_smile: and I am now back at work and feeling so much better.

I am sure you all know as we all post on here - but these comments have REALLY lifted my spirit. How can people I only know on a screen make me feel like this! We all know sometimes we are feeling ill and low and feel completely alone even when we are surrounded by friends and family - but this is something else. None of you know me and you have just made me feel really happy!

Thank you so much again. I wont go anon this time as I no longer feel embarrassed!

From a very happy bunny!xxx

So happy to hear your feeling better. BE

Hayley, you’ve made me smile , thanks for the thanks!!

Glad you’re feeling better. Long may it last.

Jen x

How lovely - we have a ‘Happy Hayley Bunny’ - l love it when things turn out better for someone. NOW - Hayley - do ask for an exemption form from your GP’s receptionist and get the GP to sign it. This MonSter is a progressive illness - and will be exempt from prescription charges. l have had SPMS for 31yrs. and l think l got exemption about 25yrs ago. lf you don’t ask - you won’t get.And it is not means tested.

Also, explain that you cannot afford all of these prescriptions. And there might be other benefits you can get. benefitsandwork is a good website that will help you. And

Us ‘older’ mumsy types - always get upset when a young person is in need of help - and believe me - even if you go anon - we still worry about you. So its good that you replied to let us know how you are doing.

l think the Everday Living forum is where you will get most advice.

Haley it’s good to hear your feeling better :smiley: spacejacket can I ask, do you get free prescriptions for all your meds or just the one’s relating to the ms? I’ve been diagnosed with ms but don’t know type yet.