Peristeen difficulties

I’ve been using this method for a couple of years now but have started having problems. I use it every day and not because of constipation, more to do with me not being able to empty naturally. I could/can feel the stool in the back passage but am not able to push it out myself.

However, I sometimes find that Peristeen doesn’t bring everything out. This morning more or less the full litre of water came gushing out bringing nothing with it and I’ve had to do the whole thing again which I find very tiring as well as time consuming. On other mornings I’ll think everything is sorted only to have to rush back to the loo half an hour later for some more water and poo to quickly come out.

I’m starting to hate the system and on mornings when I need an early start am getting anxious.

Perhaps you could try using it in the evening for a change or every other day? I use mine daily with reasonable results most of the time but I have a very bulky diet with loads of fibre so my stools reflect that. If your diet is made of more refined foods then your stools will be smaller and it may not be necessary to use it daily although you might think you need to. Has you diet changed recently?


I also think that you might be putting in too much water


i found that the water needs to be hotter than you would think-but still be safe and careful!


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The last couple of days have worked well. I do tend to have the water quite hot as it seems to work better.
I once had a colonoscopy (before MS) and they were very apologetic and said I have very twisty insides and it hurt a bit. My theory is sometimes the water gets round one of these bends and takes a while to come out. I don’t even know if that’s medically possible but it’s my theory!

I can’t explain when all the water comes out at once with no poo as when I did the procedure again it worked well with good results so why not the first time?
I do find it very tiring and worry about doing this as I get older (currently early 50’s) and more disabled. Who knows how long I’ll live, but do people really do this in their 70’s or do they all have colostomy bags by then?

I think you are probably right about using too much water and some of it getting pushed too far along your ‘twisty’ colon, only to find a way out later after you’ve moved around a bit and joggled it along.

I seem to remember that the recommended maximum amount of water is 750 ml. I use 5-600 ml daily and everything works well. If no solids result I’m happy enough now not to worry; I assume that there was nothing near enough to the rectum to come out. I’m satisfied if can get rid of some wind!

When I started using Peristeen I was introduced by my MS nurse to another nurse who specialises in bowel problems, and she taught me and my wife.

Hope it can come good for you

best wishes


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