peristeen help needed again sorry

Hi started peristeen ten days ago i have been using it every morning…my continence nurse i cannot get hold of…she was supposed to call everyday grrrr…it was working well until yesterday and today…yesterday i got in 1000ml and hardly anything came out was in pain all day…today some has come out but i retained a lot couldnt get it out so in pain ferling i need loo but cant etc Am i using too much 1000ml? How can i get it all out ive tried everything Im in pain now same as ever and weeing for england I do it after breakfast as get a bit of time from the kids Im just stuck how do others use it? Also is it safe snd when you started did it give you bruised pain all the time Thanks for helpibg

Hi, sorry didn’t reply sooner - just on for the first time this weekend. Right, I use peristeen and it sounds like you might have a blockage. so a couple of thoughts. Yes I think 1000 ml is a bit much - using half that should give you a wash out, you can always do it again using the same catheter, 20 mins or so after the first wash out which might clear you out a bit more. Definitely try some laxatives to maybe make it a bit softer - movicol or something like that maybe? To help immediately - it’s a bit gross but can you feel anything if you stick your finger up your bum? You may have a hard poo plug at the end of your colon and if you can hook that out it may open the floodgates as it were. Make sure the water is warm, I think slightly warmer than body temperature - I always went too cold to begin and it gave me horrendous cramping. It is tricky getting to grips with the system and although I feel its great compared to where I was I still have problems with managing poo consistency and that has a definite impact on how well it works and it is uncomfortable if you get water in and it seems to get stuck behind hard poo. Final advise is to Try massaging your abdomen too and always use it when relaxed - I know they tell you to use it at a set time of day but I never ever get a good result if I am in anyway stressed or rushed, if strangers are in the house, if I’m expecting a phone call or visitor; I prefer lots of time, relaxing music and the house to myself. Better that than a set time of day Guess I have a very temperamental bowel! Best of luck to you xx

Thankyou…im.already on mega high dose lactulose but i get impactions a lot…i get blocked further up so can never feel it so cant get it out…i will keep trying with the peristeen…thankyou for replying my nurse was supposed to call me everyday but hasnt…will try 500ml from tomorrow x x thankyou x x

Take a hot cup of tea/coffee in with you - a good book/magazine - and a stool that you can prop your legs up on - the higher the better - the closer you can get your knees to your ears the better. Water does have to be fairly hot - this surprised me when l was ‘instructed’ by the Coloplast nurse. And 400 - 800ml. l always hold the cath in place - and as high up as poss -when pumping in the air and water. By holding it in - you will not need so much air - as too much it can burst the cath then you are back to the start.

But you do sound so uncomfortable - so you might have some impaction. Have you thought of going for colonic irrigation - might just clear you out - give you a better start.

l do understand the point you made about finding the time and privacy to do it. lt can take a while - after setting up and starting with the air and water - it then can take at least 30mins to make sure you are empty.

Lots of ready-to-eat prunes/figs/apricots linseeds-natural yoghurt for breakfast - and try not to eat carbs - bread/biscuits/cake/cereal as l do think these can ‘block’ you up. They certainly take up lots of energy to digest.

Do hope you get some relief soon - thinking of you -

Just thought - a couple of glycerine suppositories might help get you started. All chemists sell them.

Hi, I sometimes call district nurse in to give me enemas. There is one they call a small one. It usually just gets a small amount of poo out. A fuller enema will do a better job.

I am unable to hold suppositories in for long enough.

Our district nurses are lovely and always come the day you need them.

Give your`s a try, eh?


I get impacted way up in the colon as have crohns disease as sadly small enemas do nothing at all …not been able to do it today and yesterday as in too much pain from my legs…will.try again tomorrow…thank you for all the advuce…x x