peristeen users help

Hi ive tried peristeen nothing at all comes out bit of dirty water and i seem to tetain the rest…whete am i going wrong…i have no way of pushing poo out (tmi sorry)…i use about 400ml…how do you usr it im desperate as life being destroyed by my bowels…thankyou

Hve you tied seeing if you can get more water in if possible? If it isn’t working then I sugest that you have a word with continence nurses ASAP.I have to use mine on a daily basis and it can sometimes take 500-600 mls to get things moving.


Hi, I agree with Andy try and get more water in. Are you sitting for 30 mins? Try rubbing your tummy. I take the catheter out and then get more water in that way. I can’t seem to get all of the water in at once as it just pushes the catheter out so I keep putting it back in adding more water!! If no luck you need to contact your continence nurses. Good luck. Linda x

Yes, Andy has said do use more water. Also, make sure the water is the right temperature - when the ‘coloplast’ nurse demonstrated it to me l was surprised how the water had to be hotter then l first thought - so check that. Another tip is l always hold the catheter bit up as far as poss and keep hold of it throughout the procedure. lf l put too much air in it bursts - so holding it in place works better. l place the system onto a stool -about 18inches off the ground. After you have pumped enough water in try to wait a few minutes before releasing the air. Try to get your knees up as high as possible - this is the best position to empty your bowels. l have a frame around my loo to help me get up - and l find if l pull this forward l can use it to prop up my legs. You need to sit for about 30mins to make sure you have ‘emptied’. You will soon become proficient and then find it easier and quicker. Another thing is your bowel might really be impacted - so a bit more ‘ammo’ is needed. Try eating for breakfast [and before going to bed] chopped-ready-to-eat- prunes/figs/and linseeds/natural yoghurt/honey and drink loads of water - this will soon get things moving. Hot water with lemon juice first thing in the morning as well. But if you eat a lot of fibre - it will only work if you drink lots of water - otherwise it only becomes a solid hard mass and will impact. Try cutting out bread/ cereal/flour for a while as they only add to swelling and fermenting inside - and cause a lot of fatigue - as your body has to work overtime to digest it.

lf these ‘tips’ still do not work for you - contact Coloplast and ask for help.

Lots of us on here are ‘competent’ users of Peristeen - but it did take us a few attempts before becoming confident.

Have tried using more managed 900ml but only some comes out no matyer what i do it stays inside…i had xray other day saying im.not impacted but boy i feell impacted and i look nine months pregnanr and im tiny only 7 stone sand a half…i cannot it seems push stuff out it feels stuck…making life hella in pain all the time…my incontinence nyrse is useless btw…my diet is bad i admit trying to add more food and water…i even tried sslt wayer flush todsy nothing happened…though when i had bowrl ct scan the picolax to emoty me did nothing…i long for the day i have bm like i used to…cant believe im like this now…can cope with everything elsr…also when you use does lot come out is it solid or liquid? on lactulose huge dose but switching to movicol…phosphste enemas help sometimes but my bowrl just doesnt want to work it seems anymore…got bowel dr in two werks but hes rubish im at my wits end setiously and feel im going insane

lf the dreaded Picolax did not work then there is a problem. Would it be a good idea to contact someone who does the Colonic Irrigation - if you google it with your postcode you can find somewhere close to you. They should be able to help. l have friends who have this treatment and they can’t believe how much better they felt afterwards. One of them use to go to the toilet once a fortnight. Might be worth finding someone and telling them how your are ‘fixed’.

And to answer your question - no for me it comes out ‘liquid’ - certainly not solid.

No - do enquire about colonic therapy - could be the answer for now.