Peristeen - help needed

Hi all,

I’ve just begun using peristeen in the last week and am having trouble with it. My problems are 1) getting the catheter in and 2) getting the water & poo out.

Its been taking me ages to get the catheter in place and I’ve now got a UTI because of it. How do other people, especially women, get the catheter inserted? My hands are a bit iffy, but I manage to use a catheter to ISC so thought I’d be ok. Is it just a case of practicing?

The other problem is that the water etc won’t just flow out when I turn the dial to the emptying symbol. I have to really try & push (which is problematic for me) and I end up light-headed. Even when I’ve finished I still feel like I’ve not emptied sufficiently. I don’t know if it’s not properly emptied, or whether it’s wind, or even an impaction higher up. Or maybe it’s usual to feel like this in the first couple of weeks.

So how do people do it? Should I just keep on trying and expect that ultimately it’ll be ok? It’s only been 5 times.

Thanks for your help.


Sue - lts trial and error to begin with - but you will soon be expert at it. Make sure you run the cath under the tap - very warm water- first. Then insert it in as far as it will go. Now l always keep a hold onto it - as it can slip out - and if you put too much air pumped in it can explode. The water needs to be hotter then you first think - blood temp - is warmer then you imagine. l put the system onto a low seat - l find it pumps better. Then when you have the correct amount in - put your feet up onto the stool. This is a good position to help get things moving. lf you have a toilet frame - pull it out and put your feet on the bar. Release the air - and at first a lot of water comes gushing out followed by - hopefully - the rest. lt can take quite a while before it empties. Take a cup of tea and a good book - plus your phone - in with you. Never lock the door! At first, it might take a while to empty your bowel completely. A lot depends on whether you have become impacted.

Did you get the dvd - might be worth looking at it again. And do give the nurses or coloplast a ring - let them come out again to see if they can help. You are not alone!!

At first - it is best to use it everyday - perhaps for about 2/3 weeks. Then you might find you can use it every other day - then even longer.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try putting my feet up, hopefully that’ll help. And I’ll make sure the waters a bit hotter too. As you say, I can phone the coloplast nurses a call for more help.

Morning all.

I use Peristeen but fortunatly my partner helps me.

My movement are quite restrictied and I am confind to my wheelchair during the day and settee (my bed) at night.

The settee is a recliner and extremly comfortable.

My left arm and hand are going thick and fast.

So I’m nearly a one armed bandit.

Perseverance with your technique and speak to your Incontinence Nurse.

It has made a great difference to my life.

You will get the hang of it.


Thanks for your encouragement. Surprisingly this morning I managed much better. Obviously I had the benefit of Spacejackets experience to help me (thanks again!). Hopefully over time I’ll get it sorted and it will make my life easier.



i used it with success for 18mths.

sj has given some great tips!

i cant use now cos u need to need 2 hands to operate. the nurses used to come in to do it but now i am on to plan s! (if plan b doesnt work keep looking til u find one that does!)

give it at least a month-it really does help but u need to persevere to get it right.



this is thread i refer to in my reply to you!


Have seen the post re bowels about the Qufora irrigation system. Looks a simpler device.

Out of curiosity how much water do people use with the peristeen plus? Just came across this post