bowel problems!

Hi, anyone on here use an anal irrigation system? I use qufora mini system, but am having trouble with it. I do it every morning, but sometimes nothing apart from the water comes out, but my bowel still feels full. Is this common? What can I do about it? Might I be doing it wrong? thanks, sorry it’s not a nice topic xxx

I’ve had similar problems to you both but with Peristeen. I gave up for a few weeks because I couldn’t get past this same issue. This week I’ve decided to try again with mixed effects. Twice I seem to have properly emptied the bowel and yesterday for the third time I thought I’d emptied. Today however, I’ve found my bowel was completely full, so clearly it’s not been working. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I thought it was just a matter of patience so have sat there (with a book!) for ages. If anyone can advise I’d appreciate it too. I’m so envious of people with well behaved bowels!

I use peristeen. It works ok for me apart from the fact I have inflammatory bowel disease as well as MS so now I have rectal fissures which makes the process very painful. I have got a surgeon who has agreed to do a loop ileostomy for me as I am totally fed up with all the intestinal issues I have got due to the MS.

The peristeen is easy to use but my continence nurse advised me to not use moe that 1000mls or even 500mls as the reduced sensation of those with MS can lead to problems.

Saying that the peristeen does help relief my constipation which is good as it is in my ascending and transverse colon.

l do wonder if it would be a good idea to start with professional colonic irrigation - and empty stubborn bowels out completely before starting with ~Peristeen and Qufora.

Or - try the really strong enema - Picolax - which they give you to take before any bowel investigations - ie: camera up your bum.

Another tip l can think of is make sure you use hot enough water. lt says use blood heat - well that is warmer then you imagine.

Also, make sure push the catheter up as far as you can - and do not let go - hold it in place until you are ready to release the air.

Try not to eat to many carbs - especially bread/cereal/grain. l think it bungs you up - especially if you do not drink enough water.

l have a mug of strong fresh coffee in the mornings. Made in a cafetiere. This gets me going straightaway. l have heard of coffee enemas. lt must be the caffeine that excites the bowel/bladder.

A bowl of chopped dried fruit - apricots/figs/prunes and dates plus a handful of mixed seeds - pumpkin/sunflower/flax/sesame and greek yoghurt for pro-biotics and honey. This will certainly start re-training the bowel.

I may not be doing it right. As soon as I get the water in, it comes straight back out again. Is this meant happen? Or are you supposed to somehow hold the water in for a few minutes? xxx


I use the Peristeen system and find that it works ok most of the time, except for the plastic bits and bobs on the system itself breaking off or coming loose all the time.

I don’t drink much anymore but I enjoy a bottle of red wine on a Saturday night. One thing I can guarantee is a full clear out on a Sunday morning without any help from Peristeen. Maybe we should all drink red wine every night! Only joking*, drink responsibly.


*I’m not joking

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If I could guarantee a full clear out I’d happily sink a bottle of red wine. Not joking either!

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