Peristeen anal irrigation


I just wanted to post this as too many of us with MS have continence issues and it’s the biggest taboo in the country apart from death! I have been using the peristeen system for about 5 months and although there has been an occasional hiccup (nothing is 100% effective) it has given me back some of the confidence I had lost. I should point out that there are other systems that work similar to this but I ended up with this one.

I think MS is worst when it takes away your dignity and people don’t understand this when it’s not happening to them and bowels are probably one of the hardest areas to deal with. The system looks a bit scary but it’s worth trying if you have continence problems, I use mine everyday and it only take about 15 minutes in the morning.

I just wanted to share this as I’m a 31 year old with two small children and I work too therefore life can’t stop for me even when s**t happens, literally as well as metaphorically! We don’t talk about this stuff enough but it’s a horrible part of MS and it really needs shouting about so people don’t feel alone.

Sorry just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps others.

Take care,


You are so right - this is the worst part of our ms symptoms - bladder and bowel incontinence - There - l’ve said it.

We nearly all suffer with this - and yet still so many are too embarrassed to talk about it. Maybe difficult with family and friends - but on this forum we should all be helping one another by talking of our experiences.

So - well done BF - l too have been using the peristeen system - about 4yrs now. l am pleased that it is becoming more well known. lf bowel incontinence is ruining your life - do look into getting help from your GP/Nurse or just contact Coloplast the manufacturers of Peristeen - they are so helpful. They will send you a DVD explaining it all - and they can arrange to come to your home to instruct you how to use it.

Hi ladies, I don’t have one of those but know what you are talking about. Thank you for sharing, it is always good to hear positive stories ad yes, why be embarrassed. Well done. Cheryl:)


Just Day 3 for me and a huge thanks to Frances for the daily exchange of PM’s-they have helped!

Ellie x