Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone out there uses the Piresteen bowel irrigation method? I have suffered with chronic constipation for years and I am really fed up with taking laxatives especially as they don’t work very well. I have been enquiring to Coloplast about their Piresteen and really like the idea of trying it. My MS nurse is all for it but my GP not so, bearing in mind he’d never heard of it until I gave him a brochure. He said he would prescribe it for me but he was a bit worried about the effects of long term use.

I was just wondering what other MS sufferers thought!

Many thanks, Helen

hi helen

i used with peristeen with success for 18months

u need 2 hands to operate it so no longer an option for me.

its only water-no drugs at all.

it does require perseverance on ur part but in my opinion well worth it.

i used it twice weekly after the initial daily until u and ur body got used to it.

theres another current thread peristeen in which spacejacket gives some very good tips.


Look up the Qufora irrigation system mentioned on this forum. Seems an easier method.