…is a very cruel symptom of my MS.

One of the greatest services that my MS nurse has done, is introduce me to Peristeen Anal Irrigation System. No drugs, just water, a self administered, at home, life changer. It’s so simple to do and has made a huge difference for me. My doctor sends the prescription and it’s delivered to my door within a couple of weeks.

I’m surprised that more MS nurses aren’t telling their patients about it so I thought that I’d share. With a slightly pink face !!

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Well done you Mrs H, for coming out of the water closet as a Peristeen user. More of us should do so. It’s so important, and maybe if I’d been capable of being so honest a lots of years ago, I wouldn’t have had a colostomy last year.

I’m very impressed that you’ve spoken up.


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i’ve been reading about the next steps for me.

i’m not there just yet but knowledge is power.

i once went to my local pharmacy because it was so painful to have a poo.

the pharacist asked what exactly i wanted,

i said “something to make it just drop out” (yuck)

they gave me lactulose.

it did the job!

so i did the jobby. (sorry, i’m as common as muck)



I agree Peristeen system has made a huge positive benefit to my life, it gives me a good degree of certainty which means I can go out and be confident.

The Charter healthcare people have asked me to make recommendations to others which I am glad to do.


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Carole, Lactulose works for me too.

It has really cut down on the time spent on the throne.

The trouble is, bear with me here, Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony uses 8 French Horns in the ranks and 12 off-stage. As a consequence, any orchestra wishing to perform it has to buy in 16 free-lancers.

With the effects of Lactulose (or Dulcolax) however, I could save them a fortune by giving my own lower department free rein. There may be issues with pitch but I bet I can still rock the Albert Hall.

Steve, not holding back. x


that post was brilliant!

i’ll be tittering all night!

it’s almost gin o’clock

bottoms up, that will allow the french horns loose!

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I too suffer with constipation and I was given Lactulose which worked for a while and ended up in hospital with the pain of it. The hospital gave me Cosmocol and it works a treat, sometimes it over powers you until you find the dose that suits you.



Hi MrsH, constipation is a pain, in fact, it’s sh*t, but there are one or two treatments that are easily got, without prescription, 1) pen and paper-you can work it out yourself, 2) a peanut-it then comes out a treat. (Sorry), Brian

I would recommend it, without hesitation. All you need is a tap and a toilet. I found it a blessed relief from sennakot, lactulose etc and waiting for them to work. I now use the loo at the time of my choosing, no cramping or urgency, without any more effort than turning the tap on and filling a bag with warm water. I call it my pipes of peace because it gives me total peace in the hold !!!

Just a thought, but I suffered hideous constipation off and on for years. A couple of years back, I stopped taking my bladder medication as the urology nurse wanted to do various before and after tests. One pleasant out come was that my constipation eased off (in more ways than one!). As a result I stitched to different bladder tablets which worked their magic without adversely affecting the bowels. The bowels are pretty much behaving these days. Prunes with my porridge for breakfast plus some lactulose keep my bowels happy. If anyone suffers from constipation and is on bladder medication, it might be worth looking to see if there is a connection here, Derek

Ok so I had this problem years ago, and even now, if I don’t take my powders everyday I would be in serious trouble. When I first started suffering from bad constipation my gp prescribed a powder called Laxido. I take 1 or 2 sachets a day with water depending on how bad the problem gets. As a rule, 1 powder a day has stopped me suffering constipation and I have been taking this everyday for the last 3 years. Problem solved. Never know, it might help someone else the way it has helped me.

Laxido = Movicol = Magrocol. I’ve been using this for years. (Not the vile orange variety!)

I thought post colostomy I’d be able to stop, but I’m still using it.

I think I’ve tried everything over the years, Movicol, Magnesium, Peristeen, mini enemas, glycerin suppositories. Absolutely nothing worked. Life is a bit better with a stoma. A teeny bit more reliable.