bowel problems

Hi everyone hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather I am enjoying another lovely day in scotland.I need some more advice I am afraid I say my incontinence nurse on Friday and she has suggested I start using Qufora mini irrigation I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this I know it is not nice to talk about but I am just a bit worried about it. Anne.

Hi Anne, I haven’t experienced this equipment but just wanted to say that lots of us have problems with bowels, so don’t worry about writing about it. I hope you have some luck with replies, take care.

Wendy x

Hi, I havent used the system either, but see quite a lot of folk here use Peristeen system.

I use laxido to keep me going…sachets of laxative powder…quite a gentle relief, but can cause painful wind sometimes.

Hopefully someone will come along to offer advice.

Good luck.