Help! I’ve been using bowel irrigation everyday for 2 months now and not only can I not get into a routine, it causes foul wind! I’m on 600=700 mls, but sometimes I go, but then later, have to go again (as if it’s moved more down), other times it doesnt work (so much for only needing to use it 3 times a week eventually).

Any advice?

Many thanks


As you are using Peristeen you will have had someone who showed you the equipment and trained you on it,s use.

If they haven’t contacted you then I suggest you call either your incontinence nurse or Co!oplast nurse.

One thing that helped me using Peristeen was that a forum member shared a tip about having the water at reasonably warm temperature.

It can take a while to sort out your individual needs, I hope you can improve your own situation.

Hi I’m afraid I failed to get on with Peristeen. I persevered for a few months, trying, then giving up, then trying again. My problems with both bowel and bladder have always been that I have no control over the sphincters. This, in my case, doesnt mean incontinence, but an inability to open them at all. So I manage the bladder with ISC. It is very rare that I am able to pass urine ‘normally’. So I empty my bladder with catheters every time. (I had an SPC for 6 months last year, but went back to ISC.) The problem I had with the irrigation system of emptying my bowel (the same thing applied with mini enemas and suppositories) was that it made no difference how much water I used, the temperature or the time I sat there waiting, the water, and effluent, failed to be expelled. So I would perhaps manage to empty a bit of the water, wait half an hour then lean forward and find a big gush of water came out unexpectedly. On a good day, in the shower; on a bad day, when I was dressed. I found that the only method I had of emptying my bowel, with irrigation or without, was manual digital stimulation. Eventually, last June I had a colostomy. As the other respondent said, you could try contacting the nurse who should be supporting you with the system. Or if you have a good bowel and bladder nurse, try him/her. I do think that success with any bowel management system is very much an individual thing, what works for one person will not necessarily work for all. I hope you find a way to make irrigation work for you. It’s a misery having bowel continence problems. Sue