Looking for anyone who is using Peristeen(?). All medical are praising but none will provide!


What is it that you want to know?

Ellie x

I have Peristeen equipment at home, and was shown how to use it by Continence Advisor, but I don't feel confident in using it and therefore haven't tried using it. I do have a DVD which shows a step-by-step guide, plus a diagram aswell. You do need someone to show you how to use it at home.

You can also call Charter Healthcare on 0800 132 787 for advice - they’re part of the Coloplast Care Programme.

Hi Colin

I was given a demo by the Coloplast rep then GP prescribed it, I collected from my local pharmacy and left it a week until I was without kids in the home to try it-on my own. I am aware that they deliver (discreetly!) directly to your door on a rolling prescription but I didnt want this for several reasons.

I understand your apprehension completely! I am happy to tell u what I made errors with in the hope that it helps you-but will do that via PM I think (if thats what you want me to do)

Ellie x



It's best to call Charter Healthcare on 0800 132 787 Ellie. Hope they can give you the advice you need.

Hiya Colin

I am a dab hand at it now. Afraid I have to disagree re calling Coloplast-but guess its the luck of the draw on who picks up the phone when u call eh?!

That aside, I still recommend the actual product and what it does.

Ellie x


           There are quite a few of us on here who have the Peristeen equipment. l have had mine for a few years -just saw it advertised in Pathways mag - so l contacted Coloplast. They have been very good. lt allows you to empty your bowels when you want and not when they decide to. Go for it. Any questions  pm me or Ellie - we are both nearly 'experts'. We have both made similar mistakes before finding out the best way to use it. They will send you the dvd first - and that explains how it works. Can change your life - and thats no exagguration.



Experts?!!! LOL blush

Though that does make me think of an important point.........................

During my 10 years as a Staff Nurse I administered many enemas and such like all in the line of duty-but had NEVER been on the receiving end (even during 4 pregnancies!) and theres nowt like real life experience to help understand a product. Of course, I have no way of knowing if those answering the calls at Coloplast have had the experience of using the Peristeen equipment (thats private and confidential). (I know that when I worked in the coffee shop I had to taste ALL products in order that I could discuss them with the customers-but I digress!)

I had 2 main avenues of support when starting Peristeen-your good self Frances and a friend whom I know in person. Both of you discussed my queries openly and honestly and that made a huge difference is raising my confidence to use the product.

Confidence being the important word there. It is scary trying anything new for the first time and I found that once that barrier had been broken (the errors made and discussed!) then it was all systems go (so to speak!!!)

Happy Sunday to you all happy2

Ellie x